Age of Exploration

The Age of Exploration marked the end of the Age of Silence, with the discovery of the New Lands and the variety of biomes within it. This Age also marked the first Dark Moon, and with it came the return of Terth and his search for the Shadow Tome. It is not to be confused with the Age of Continents or Age of Orrostar, which also involved new islands.


Following the success against Terth on both mainland and Orrostar, “The Age of Exploration” was the first lasting triumph against Terth. With “Terth’s” presence now largely limited to “Blue Peaks, mortals spread throughout the world to reclaim and establish cities leading to the Age of Artifacts.

Important Events

  • The New Lands are discovered
  • New Spawn Town Oak’s Rest is constructed
  • The Shadow Tome is taken
  • The Dark Moon begins a period of unusually long nights and shortened days

Player Lore

Influential Factions

Major Cities/Bases/Hubs

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