Age of Exile

The Age of Exile denotes the unnatural and unholy teleportation of all known Mortals into Shaurekoth Durn, the very birthplace of Terth himself!


The Second Age of Rifts ended in a spectacular showdown between Terth’s avatar and most every living Mortal. This battle took place closer to Terth’s home than ever before, manifesting in the End. Terth, if only for a moment, successfully lost all ability to connect his Cores from the Nether to the mortal coil, effectively banishing him from the Ancient World and making him unable to spawn Rifts. He retreated to lick his wounds and be comforted by his minions, he swore vengeance on all non mob life.

Sadly, this peace would not last. Terth kept to his word and performed an act so immense that it damaged the entire Ancient World at once. At the conclusion of the Age, Terth mustered all his abilities and completely overran Oak’s Rest, using immense power to relocate the Spawn Point of Mortals into his clutches, forbidding anyone from reaching anywhere else alive. This Rift was so spectacular that only the bravest gods would remain behind to contain the unrelenting Rift. Even then, they dared not put their true, temporal form into the fray, instead relying on the same Core projection as Terth to fend off his invasion.

All mortals, meanwhile, were called to board a ship and relocate to a better, safer Spawn Point elsewhere on the Mainland. Electing to sail around the coast in the open ocean, what was expected to be a seamless journey fell into chaos as the boat veered off course. Encountering a patch of ocean, caught into the storm where their ship was torn apart by a nether storm.


Important events

  • Terth forces all Mortals to flee the Mainland and Oak’s Rest on a ship.
  • The ship is caught in a nether storm and torn appart. Everyone dies.
  • The Mortals souls seek out an existence with nothing but the clothes on their back in the Mob-infested nightmares of Durn.
  • It is revealed that Shaurekoth Durn exists within The End dimension, and is the original birthplace of Terth.


This Age marks the temporary shut down of the Ancient World Server, with a separate, independent partition being created for Shaurekoth Durn for AW players to enjoy and fight while The Server was taken down for maintenance in preparation for Minecraft proper Aqua Update. In addition to preparations for the update, this was a time to use an automated biome assignment tool to fix the longstanding issues of Oceans being labelled as Forests, or patches of Mesa showing up in Plains.

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