Age of Darkness


The Age of Darkness was a time when the sun went black and hostile mobs roamed all of the land, causing havoc and death wherever they went. It was eternal night for the people.

Mortals suddenly found themselves at Ironhammer after “The Lord of War” had teleported them there for safety. Dwarves who lived there greeted the mortals. A mighty underground Dwarven fortress had been built for them by Ethendel and the dwarves to protect the mortals.

At this point having defeated their Gods and destroyed their home Terth’s rule over mortals was certain. Ironhammer was there only safe haven. A person would freeze to death if they dare leave the gates. The Dwarves cleverly crafted fine reinforced leather armor using a magical infusion. A set of this armor was given to each person and gradually people ventured past the gates and out into the snowy world. First they built just beyond the gate, but eventually, the mountains and hills beyond it  People looked to Dwarves for help with underground and mountain homes.


Ironhammer City Entrance, early Age of Darkness.

iron door.jpg

Gatherings took place in the Iron Door Tavern to celebrate victories over Rifts.

It did not take long for Terth to locate them yet again and recognize it as the last home for Mortals. Many “rifts” took place in attempt to break the people of Ironhammer but the people proved too strong.There was no rest from Terth as a new battle began called “The battle of the bridge”. Terth‘s skeletons and zombies were present and seemed to be pouring out of a fissure in the earth very near the gate, which began to sink. They stormed the bridge all the way to the to gate, some falling in the lava moat. The defenders met them on the bridge and began to fight them off.Though a victory for the mortals the losses were great. Almost half the population was lost.

“The Fall of Iron Hammer” was sadly inevitable. Like ages past Terth’s strength had been increased after “The Battle of the Bridge”. His strongest “super rift” came without warning. Mobs came in numbers unfathomable to most and raiding the halls of the fortress and overcoming the gate guards. Iron hammer’s corridors became slaughter tunnels, as the brute force of Terth’s minions held back the defenders. The mortals could not reach the surface to fight the “rift” and so it gained immense power by the time the first warriors arrived at the surface. The mortals never had a chance to battle it before the fortress fell.

As Terth’s minions claimed the fortress, the Dwarves refused to flee and tried to destroy the fortresses inner chamber. While partially successful, most of the Dwarves were killed before the chamber was fully collapsed. Some Mortals escaped through tunnels and then ships sailing far from the mainland. They sailed for a long time until they ran out of food and had to dock on uncharted continents. This began “The Age of Continents”.

Important Events

  • The Demigods appear to be defeated.
  • Darkness covers the land.
  • Mortals live in Ironhammer.


The cold created a challenge to players as they had to stay inside near fires or wear leather armor to protect them. Continuous night provided an opportunity for mobs to spawn. This made a dangerous environment. Mobs had abilities that were increased.

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