Age of Darkness: Chapter 2

The Age of Darkness: Chapter 2 indicates an additional story-line which continues the tale of the Mortals at Blue Peaks after the fall of Ironhammer. It is the story of those who stayed behind despite all odds stacked against them.


This mini-age followed the lives of the Mortals who remained defiant against Terth even when all hope was lost after the fall of Ironhammer. Choosing to remain underground in Blue Peaks rather than travel across an uncharted ocean, these resilient Mortals faced relentless assaults by undead hordes.

The events of this tale occurred roughly around the same time as the Age of Continents.

Important Events

  • Shimmermist, a final refuge, is constructed in secret during the final weeks of the Age of Darkness. Mortals escaping the siege of Ironhammer retreat here after the fall of the city.
  • Shimmermist is assaulted relentlessly by undead hordes, and powerful netherstorms which split the earth in half.
  • Shimmermist is finally breached and all life in the city is extinguished.

Player Lore

Influential Factions

Major Cities/Bases/Hubs:

  • Shimmermist
  • Fort Eden
  • Aduro
  • Torchlight

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