Age of Continents

The Age of Continents denotes the discovery of new landmasses previously unknown to Mortal men, and is not to be confused with the Age of Exploration or Age of Orrostar, which also involved new islands.


The Continents


After the few surviving mortals fled Ironhammer on boats, they were shipwrecked on the coasts of the previously undiscovered continents called Dagon Fel and Port Orange.

Back on Dagon Fel, which was a relatively small island mortals began to build and build and until the island became very crowded. Factions began dividing up territories and tension developed between factions.

This eventually escalated into wars from which the winners claimed land as their prize. Dagon Fel was too small for the increasing population so factions got together and sailed the surrounding oceans to discover new places to live. The first island they reached was Port Orange, which quickly became the transport hub for the world. Using the port as a base of operations the mortals sailed their ships in all directions again, discovering more continents including: Sadrith Mora, Bal Fel, Terth Valhalla and Nautilus Taber.

After years of relative peace, Terth reared his ugly head and stirred up a huge Rift which annihilated a tower fortress located near Red Mountain, on Dagon Fel. The tower belonged to a powerful warlord faction known as the Hawks. Many people came to assist them in theHawks’ time of need, including the faction Morgoth, which was their rival. Though victorious in the battle, the tower was all but destroyed. This caused a large power shift on Morgoth’s behalf, who’s enigmatic leader called for a meeting at their mountain fortress on Bal Fel in order to discuss the matter of Terth’s return.

Many Mortals gathered to see Morgoth’s Lair for the first time. The meeting began with battles in the arena pit and the fighting lasted for one hour. After several battles, the leader of Morgoth stepped out from the shadows and presented himself to the crowd as the same elf who had been the host body for the Lord of Light. It was a sudden shock to everyone when the elf revealed that meeting was a trap to kill them. Molten lava spewed from the ceilings and walls and the audience melted alive. A single human escaped the trap, a member of a pirate fleet who later reported the news to those who did not attend.

The pirate got to Nautilus Taber safely only to find a Super Rift appeared over the Valley of the Wind. To the Mortals, retreat seemed to be the only option. At Nautilus Taber a ship called “The Squid’s Liberty Flagship” was built, and it allowed the fleeing passengers to board. While they were loading the “Super Rift” reached the coast where the flagship was anchored and forced the ship to set sail, leaving behind some survivors in a blaze of fire and ash.

The Captain claimed to know where he was sailing. They were going to Orrostar.


Important Events

  • Mortals fled the Mainland and discovered the Continents and as the age went on more lands were discovered
  • Mortals engaged in wars with factions claiming to be the strongest.
  • Terth summoned several “Rifts” but mortals were able to defeat the “Rifts”.
  • Morgoth reveals the trap which weakens and kills many.


This Age brought a return to a smaller area of play, beginning solely on the island of Dagon Fel before expanding to other similarly sized continents. It also introduced a ‘peaceful’ continent, Sadrith Mora, where Player-Versus-Player fighting was disabled, making this a perfect place for peaceful players to build.

This age was heavily based on the interactions between players and factions, though Rift events gradually became a regular part of the player experience in this Age.

Player Lore

Influential Factions

Major Cities/Bases/Hubs

  • Port Orange
  • Mount Morgoth
  • Skullfox Cove

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