Age of Artifacts


During the age of artifacts mortals battled the cold in Blue Peaks. Wearing leather armor mortals set out to explore dungeons, battle mobs, fight “Bosses”, collect loot and gather artifacts. Many died from the monsters or simply died from the cold. “Terth’s Minions” continued to grow, as did his power with each death.

At “Beast Master’s Abode”, safe havens were built, by the locals, for the mortals to warm up and rest. Look out towers, camps, and strongholds filled with Terthian mobs were conquered by mortals who dare gather loot and enchanted leather armor.

Private Collectors, of many of these treasures, told of the artifacts gathered from these chests: “Chronos Pocket Watch”, a very powerful watch able to manipulate time around your foes, “Terth Hunter Light Bow” specially made crossbow able to fire three bows at once with great power and they were unbreakable, “Terth Hunter’s Cap” Ancient hide armor made specifically by the demigods to protect against Terth and the frozen waste and “Terth Hunter Boots” ancient hide armor with powerful protection from falling and unbreakable.

Many mortals from all the continents gathered to explore and defeat the increasing mobs living in the dungeons. Mortals continued to collect a variety of artifacts from these dungeons including: “Ancient Gold Coins”, “War Bear Hide”, “Magic Terthian Gold”, “Rotting Experiment Flesh” and “Slabs of Long Pig”.

“The Secret Stash” were created by locals, found within the dungeons, which provided a safe place for hunters. It actually had workstations were hunters could craft and repair gear so it was told. Some collected many items and brought them to “Special Traders” who were willing to bargain and had unusual artifacts to trade. In other parts of “The Ancient World” mortals continued to work hard at a variety of trades including: Fisherman, Hunter, Woodcutter, Miner, Farmer Brewer and Potion Makers. They made a great deal of “Ancient Quarts” in trade for their goods. Many traded across continents and created great bonds among factions.

During this time a great village was created called “Oaks Rest”. Starting with one trading posts and a few ruins, scatter in a deep black oak forests Oaks Rest became a flourishing rest stop for many travelers with trading posts, gardens, a library, places of interest and homes. Many lived there and Drakortha was very pleased with this village which was built by a cooperative community.

Factions throughout the continents continued to have their differences resulting in arguments and even deaths. Wars and raids continued throughout the land making Terth’s power grow stronger and stronger. A golden meteor struck “The Ancient world” twice as mortals scurried to ward off the zombies and other creatures.These evil forces lead them out of “The Age of Artifacts” and into “The Age of Rifts II.