Age of Ancients


The Age of Ancients refers to prehistory on the Ancient World. It begins with the very creation of The Ancient World itself, and the rise of the Ancients of Euloria, and ends with the ascension of said Ancients to godhood.


The Age of Ancients refers to the time the world was first created in July 2010, becoming a private server in early 2011 before finally becoming a public server later that year.

The Ancient World map was created in July 2010 using Minecraft Alpha v1.0.4. It was a snow world, and the original spawn point was in close proximity to The Deadly Mines which became Drakortha‘s first base that still exists on the map today.

This wasn’t Drakortha’s first survival world, he had made others before. However, he was waiting for Notch to release the update to allow snow worlds. When v1.0.4 was released The Ancient World was created. It also had early dungeons that were added in the June 25th update.

“Drakortha’s Farm”, now known as Euloria Estate, was Drakortha’s second settlement on the map and is now considered to be the heart and capital of the world today. An image of Euloria estate can normally be seen featured on the banner of the website.

Drakortha played in single player for some time, hoping to one day open the server to his friends and family – but he was dealing with technical problems. Eventually he overcome those problems and got the world online. It began with playing with his friends and family, until eventually he invited more people to play (while keeping the server on a private whitelist)

During this early time most everyone lived in close proximity to each other in the Euloria region with no server plugins to speak of. Trading of items was common and collaboration on building projects was normal. The buildings left behind from this time can still be seen today, untouched and preserved.

Later in the Age Eternal Island was added nearby Euloria with explorable ruins and treasures. This was the first time content was released on TAW in such a way and became the trend going forward. Since then there has been almost 10 years worth of added content to the world to explore.

After the settlement of Eternal Island was built and the Islands dungeons and treasures exhausted, a new spawn area was chosen nearby the Old Fort and the server was advertised as a public server for the first time. The players from the original private server were now considered to be “Ancients” and were represented as Gods or wise men to the new population. Thus began the Age of Gods.

Important Events

  • Creation of The Ancient World
  • Drakortha plays the world in singleplayer
  • Finally getting a private server running, he invites his close friends and family
  • Euloria is first settled, with majority of the population living there
  • Eternal Island is the first major content release for the server, complete with custom dungeons and secrets for his friends and family to explore

Ancient Locations

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