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Join us and discover The Ancient World; The Oldest Minecraft Roleplay server still online today.

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The TAW Codex contains a wealth of information on the history of our server as well as useful resources such as our world map and server rules.

The Ancient World is one of the oldest Minecraft worlds and longest running public servers known today, with the map first being created in July 2010 using Minecraft Alpha v1.0.4 where it was primarily used as a single player survival world, then becoming a private server in early 2011 before finally becoming a public server later that year.

With a great community of players, we welcome others from anywhere in the world, so feel free to jump on and have a look around. It’s free to join.

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The Ancient World is filled to the brim with rich player history with countless stories both told and untold. A strong sense of this can be felt in the environment as you traverse the landscape and explore the many desiccated ruins upon the surface of the world. Every ruin tells a story and much of the worlds history has been documented and archived by players over the past decade, as well as some of it being published here on our website in the form of The Codex, which is a constant work in progress.

But it is more than just another survival multiplayer world to build and explore on. Since it’s original inception TAW has put forward very strong roleplay themes which remain unique to this day, such as the power of Gods in the form of miracles, world changing apocalyptic events, and the passage of time which effects can be seen across the entire world as old and abandoned buildings decay into ruins and become covered in moss and vines when nature reclaims what’s hers.

The Ancient World is always in a constant state of change and doesn’t remain stagnant for very long as it takes on a life of it’s own.

The Age of Darkness is a global ice age where the worlds forests die and turn once vibrant biomes into cold and desolate tundras where the only safe refuge is deep underground. Players can no longer recognize the surface world as they struggle to explore and survive what has become a total wasteland.

But even after these world changing events have left their mark on the world and it’s surviving occupants, our map has never been reset. It can takes months, sometimes even years for the surface world to fully recover it’s natural beauty and splendor and for civilization to flourish again, while the ruins containing untold stories from those dark times still remain at rest across the worlds landscape.

Such is our dedication to maintaining one of the most persistent and emergent Minecraft servers in existence today.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding The Ancient World feel free to use the contact form below to contact the administrator.