A Deity Descends


A mysterious portal opened up nearby the Freelancer Fort. A large group of well geared TAWers took the main road from Euloria to Freelancer Fort to investigate.

What they found was a dimensional portal with a strange mix between nether & aether spewing out a variety of mob types. Enderman, Endermites, Witches, Summoners, and Blazes poured from the gates and advanced towards Freelancer Fort. As the skies darkened the danger grew and the corruption spread further and faster.


Just as the situation grew further out of control, the heavens were said to have cracked open with a flash of light, and a being glowing with light descended, relighting the landscape below and smiting all evil mobs that were crawling the landscape. The corruption was purified, and a voice was heard. The Mortals below gathered to hear the words.