Pre-Darkness is here!

The Ancient World is now in the Pre-Darkness phase of Age of Darkness on Minecraft Java version 1.19.2.

The Red Mountain Volcano on Dagon Fel has just erupted and is spewing megatons of ash and fire into the upper atmosphere of the world.

Sadrith Mora’s flora dies off due to heavy ashfall

Dagon Fel & It’s surrounding continents are immediately effected, with the ash storm expected to reach the rest of the Ancient Realm in the coming weeks / months. Here are some things to expect from this age;

  • Global Darkness as the atmosphere is filled with thick ash, preventing sunlight
  • New mobs appearing on the surface world, some of which The Ancient World has never seen
  • Quite possibly a limited playing area to the Old Mainland, due to the severity of the ash storm in proximity to Dagon, the Continents & Orrostar may be completely uninhabitable
  • Global temperature drops
  • Most life on the surface will perish, with crops no longer growing, or animals spawning
  • A new livable spawn which offers safe refuge from the storm
  • a total dissolution of Factions gameplay in favor of a new experience
  • *more challenges to come as the age develops with time*

Age of Darkness will be the most world changing age that The Ancient World has seen in almost a decade. It is poised to leave it’s mark on the world for years to come. To this day, despite the many ages, wars, rifts, and server events we’ve done, none of them have had the global ramifications that we are about to see with the Age of Darkness. Entire forests will die, you will no longer recognize the world as you struggle to explore and survive what is now a total wasteland which feels completely alien.

With the dissolution of Factions players must adapt and work together if they want to survive this new reality. Things will not be as they’ve been for many ages and learned habits are no longer viable. A fully livable, functional and capable spawn will be more critical than ever before and will be one of the first things the community will be working together on in preparation for the coming Darkness.

But such things shouldn’t be taken for granted. Sacrifices are being made here in order for this age to stay true and faithful to it’s name and reputation of being an age that is feared by all. Coming out of the original Age of Darkness it took years for the over-world to fully recover it’s natural beauty and splendor. That is all being washed away in the coming months as the Darkness makes it’s mark on the world once again.

There is no specific time & date for when Age of Darkness officially begins as it is a developing situation on the server. But prepare yourselves for an Age of Darkness that is true to form.

4 thoughts on “Pre-Darkness is here!

  1. Excited for a new AOD! Question: Why can’t Orrostar remain open? Myself and several other players have put months of time into building there recently. Doubtful I’ll participate as much if I can’t continue progress on my city. Maybe an exception can be made for players who were based there to be able to go back, or at least get things protected for the time being. Cheers -Phiir

    • Thank you for your comment. To answer your question; the idea for a limited playing area could possibly happen depending on how we decide to go about things. I understand the challenge of having to move from your base. It’s going to happen to a lot of players; even those who have bases who fall within the playable area for the simple reason that they can no longer claim it with Factions. These a big changes for the server and there will be some pains to deal with. But try to keep in mind that you aren’t alone, this age is going to affect everybody in some way as things are changing.

      Feel free to message me in-game we can talk more about your city there.

  2. So, will functions from Orrostar and the other ages, such as the damage from lowered temperature and the requirement to wear leather armor be reintroduced and become very important in this current age?

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