Halloween 2022 & General Update

Hello friends and a happy horror month to all of you! It has been a while since we have had a blog post and I thought it about time we make a return to form. There are a couple of things I’d like to touch upon but first and foremost, there are some fun things in store for the end of the month to celebrate Halloween! The first of which begins with the appearance of this peculiar manor at spawn.

A mysterious manor appears at spawn!

Appearing seemingly overnight, this haunted manor will be home to this years Halloween festivities. The doors are currently sealed as preperations are made by whatever spirits reside within although I suspect that the doors might be open by October 21st. Inside there will be lots of goodies to spend your Corrupted Souls on (and maybe earn some too!) including but not limited to some old fashioned TAW holiday themed items but also a couple of new, powerful, and limited-time offerings. These items will all be limited to this event and will only be available from October 21st – October 31st so make sure you get your hands on them while they are here! A few shops are not all that is on offer this Halloween however, for there have been rumblings that the Halls of Insanity have stirred and might open once again.

The Halls of Insanity

Over one-hundred years ago a sorcerer and archaeologist by the name of Alais Indark began excavation of what was purported to be a site containing long lost magics and artifacts belonging to the Ancients. What he had actually uncovered however was a place of unholy and unspeakable evil. Alais became changed as he continued his dig, his mind corrupted, what was once an excavation quickly transitioned into the building of the Halls of Insanity. A sprawling maze-like dungeon, its construction making little sense, even to the likes of its own creator.

Thought to have been sealed away for good, it calls adventurers back once more..

The Halls of Insanity is an event dungeon that had been used in a previous Halloween event. The insides of this dungeon have been almost totally overhauled and will be nigh-unrecognizable to anyone familiar with the old layout. Inside you will find yourself met with unforgiving puzzles, mazes, and some parkour. The Halls are tentatively slated to open once more on October 25th and remain open until October 31st.

Brewery Returns!

Veterans of TAW will remember this plugin, it was a staple of the server for a long time and it has finally had an update and I’d like to introduce it once more! Expect Brewery to make its return on October 20th! Check out the plugin wiki for more info on how to get to brewin’! https://github.com/DieReicheErethons/Brewery/wiki/Homepage

Enjoy making drinks once again!

Upcoming Updates

Thank you all for taking the time to read through this post, I hope to be able to make blog posts more frequently with the next two being in the near future. Novembers blog post is going to go over our upcoming switch to the paid version of Factions which means we will have another two week period of no raids so that everyone can reclaim and there will also be a poll on what we want the process for MCMMO resets to look like going forward. Additionally we may see a few hours of downtime over the course of the day on October 20th as I perform some server maintenance tasks. See y’all soon friends 🙂