February 2022 Update

Attention citizens of The Ancient World, it is I Vaestian! I bring news on behalf of the staff but allow me to reintroduce myself. I do admit that my appearance has been brief over the last few ages, but I am the God of Order. I am here to serve the people and keep peace and prosperity in the world. I am happy to report that the staff has been hard at work on the server.

Here are some features:

  • New spawn location in the ruins of Villager’s Wharf.
  • /spawn will take you to the Tree of Spirits at spawn.
  • Portal room is operational with several locations and more to come!
  • McMMO has been readded to the server.
  • All players now have access to /lore command to add some flavor text to items.

If you would like to have a portal added to your base or a specific location linked with the portal chamber, feel free to message Frostfaith or Vaestian.

Tree of Spirits at the ruins of Villager’s Wharf

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