Server Back Online

Our Server is back online and is running TAW | Age of Exile on Minecraft version 1.12.2.

When are we going back to our main TAW map?

In the future.

When The Ancient World returns it will be on a much newer version of Minecraft than we’re on now. That’s all I can really say – I don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to TAW at this time. I hope that in the future we can return to our old map and do it the justice it deserves.

2 thoughts on “Server Back Online

  1. How come you switched back to 1.12.2? Is it because you only had backups of the server in 1.12.2?

    • It’s on 1.12.2 because that’s the version used for Age of Exile, for all of it’s configurations and settings. We are essentially using the latest backup of that particular Age.

      When we return to the main TAW world in the future, I expect we might be on the latest MC version.

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