Closure of the TAW Discord

On May 1st the official TAW Discord will be shutting down.

Over the past several years Discord has assisted us in bringing you the latest TAW news & updates in an accessible way and acted as a platform where you could chat and share experiences with other TAW players. While the benefits of having a Discord cannot be understated, the closure of our Discord is simply my own personal wish to no longer operate a public Discord server for reasons I have stated below.

What made you want to close our Discord?
I have several reasons that led me to this decision.

Moving forward with TAW I would like to utilize other methods of keeping everyone informed of updates. We have a website, for example, where the most important announcements are posted as well as my Youtube channel where I upload trailers and other videos. I might also look into Newsletter methods that send important news by email. Scheduled server meetings and a spawn area with a news board was how we traditionally did things, and I’d like for us to try to go back to that in the future where our spawn zones are the centralized point of our community instead of a separate server.

At the worst of times our public Discord server acted as a second platform for drama. An issue that was prevalent during active times was the amount of alt accounts, trolls, and other shenanigans that went on in our Discord while simultaneously we were trying to operate the Minecraft server.

With half of our attention always on operating a public Discord only half of our attention could be focused on The Ancient World itself. This, I feel, was valuable time and energy that was lost. This is something I would like to avoid moving forward for the next Chapter of The Ancient World. And by shutting down our Discord now and not depending on it for future ages, we will avoid falling into this pitfall again.

With the Discord gone, how will I keep in touch with my friends at TAW?
The TAW Discord will not be closing until May 1st. This should give adequate time to friend request others in our Discord or even organize and create your own.

I encourage everyone to send me a friend request if they’d like to keep a direct line with me. Alternatively you can email me directly.

How will we keep up with the latest news without a Discord?
The Ancient World has been running for over 10 years. For about 7 of those years we didn’t have a Discord. I’m sure we’ll manage.

The biggest and most important announcements will always appear on this website and video trailers on my Youtube channel. So please subscribe if you haven’t already, and bookmark this website. For everything else you can probably log into TAW itself to see what’s new.

My Discord: Drakortha#3555
Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: Drakortha Productions
Email me: