TAW’s 10th Anniversary!

TAW is Celebrating 10 years since it’s creation back in July 2010! The world has evolved so much in this time. The world has changed it’s shape and formed entirely new lands. Empires have risen and fallen, war has been fought and peace times have come and gone. Every action and every decision made has left it’s footprint on TAW in one way or another.

To celebrate our achievements & as a showcase of the evolution of TAW over the years, mctaw.net will be hosting a Downloads page where everyone will be able to download a plethora of TAW content – Snapshots of the world dating back to the earliest years will be available, as well as snapshots leading up to current year.

These Downloads will be available for the Month of December Only. So do not wait too long or you risk missing out!

What will be Included?

  • TAW Snapshots for each of the 10 Years (Excluding 2010, we no longer have these snapshots unfortunately. Old maps will be provided)
  • Map Renders for each Snapshot will be provided for the convenience of quick overview.
  • Bonus Worlds: Aquatic, The Empire, The New World, & More
  • Extra Content such as Promotional Videos, Wallpapers, & Images that were created for TAW over the years.