New Codex Entry – Noxus


“The Grand Cross, Noxus, or simply II. They had many names that spanned across their history. As kingdoms fell to rot, decay and entropy, Noxus only grew stronger.”

Noxus is an older empire dating back to the Age of Artifacts. Originally housed in a large, sprawling ancient ruin in between Night and Ironhammer, the reformed empire now resides in the southern regions of the Ancient World, in a desolate wasteland wracked by their endless weaponry tests, pollution and dark incantations.

The Leader

  • Arvein, The Sovereign

The Council

  • Redamisa, the Head of Strategy
  • Witherking Necroseus
  • T̸h̶̾̃e̵͕̞͊ ̷̻̀̑O̴̦̍̑t̴͖̓h̵͆̅e̶͝ͅr, Xeranok


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  • FatalDeath
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  • Curlyy
  • NiceTryFBI
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