New Codex Entry – The Covetous Trinity

Three ancient blades, Goldendeer, Wealthbringer, and the Merchant Isle Blade all form a group of artifacts known as the Covetous Trinity.


Goldendeer is a brilliant golden blade that once belonged to a man with visions of grandeur. It brought vast riches to this man, allowing him to make his dreams reality. Thus, he became a king. Like all others, his kingdom fell into ruin through entropic decay.


The Wealthbringer blade is a shining, reflective silver blade that bears the similar ability to bring riches to its wielder, albeit at a somewhat less successful rate. There are many rumors as to what this blade was. It may have belonged to the same king, paired alongside Goldendeer to multiply his wealth. It also may have been a jealous, and failed attempt by another King to match Goldendeer. This blade also having been found in a neighbouring ruined kingdom, it is uncertain if they were allied, or enemies.

Merchant Isle Blade

The Merchant Isle Blade is another golden blade bearing a highly similar finish to that of Goldendeer. Found in a dilapidated ruin of an island far away from the two kingdoms of the other blades, it is unknown if this blade is fully connected to its brethren. Ironically, its ability mirrors Goldendeer in effectiveness.

Age of Ruin

Being ancient history, the history of this trinity are purely speculation. All three have recently been assembled into one hand. This could be a bittersweet reunion of a trinity separated since the death of their respected kingdoms. Or, this could be ancient metal enemies welded together, and allied towards destruction.