New Codex Entry – Terthian Leather

Terthian Leather is a rough, durable type of leather that was made from the hides of old Terthian Warbears.

The Second Age of Rifts

This leather was harvested from the corpses of the giant, hulking Warbears that were used by Terthian soldiers to lay waste to the northern regions of Blue Peaks. One forward operating base west of Nallakad was thriving with these bears. Occasionally, be it hunters, heroes, or fools would venture out to these camps to seek the hides of these beasts. They were remarkably tough, while also retaining their ability to be worked with. However, the task wasn’t so easy, as the finished product made from this hide is fairly uncommon, only resting in the ruins of the world’s smarter inhabitants.

Age of Order

After Terth’s stranglehold of The Ancient World loosened, the camps housing these bears crumbled into dilapidated ruins, the bears dying off either from starvation or injury. While they are presumed extinct, the hides they left behind, and their finished craft are scattered about the ruins of the world. Offering superior protection to that of standard bovine leather, an adventurer garbed in this formidable armor is nothing to scoff at.