Nautilus Taber’s Easter Egg Hunt!


In one week’s time the great easter hunt will kick off! The easter bunnies has had their paws full spreading colorful eggs throughout the entirety of Nautilus Taber. What was once a place of dreary, gray ruins has now had a pinch of cheer sprinkled over it. Combine recreation with a bit of exploration of the Ancient World’s history as you all get together for a race the likes of which Ancient World has never seen before.

So come join the Easter Hunt this Saturday at 12 pm EST / 4 pm GMT


Again! You will be looking for special eggs. These eggs can be found anywhere, everywhere, all over Nautilus Taber. If you can walk there, you can very likely get one! There are a total of 200 eggs spread out across the island and it’s up to you to collect the most to be declared winner of the egg hunt! The eggs are very special, so don’t throw them! We’re serious about this. Handing in a handful of broken shell shards won’t count towards any prize!

Also! There are 200 easter eggs out there but if you’re really a lucky lad you’ll have to look out for the much rarer Golden Easter Eggs. Just by collecting one you’ll get to visit the special artifacts room and trade in every golden egg you’re carrying for an artifact of ages past! You do not need to have the most Easter Eggs to claim an artifact however the amount of easter eggs you collect will determine which turn you get into the room.


That’s right. Prizes! You will have 45 minutes to collect as many eggs as you possibly can carry in hopes of hoarding the highest amount! Depending on how many participate, the top three or five will get the opportunity to claim prizes.

The way it works:
There will be a list of items to choose from in the prize stash. The first place gets first dibs on which one they wish to claim and then that item will become unavailable. After that, second place comes in and chooses one from the remaining items on the list, then the third, the fourth and so on.



  • You will not have to dig through excessive amounts of blocks to reach a chest. Nor are you required to swim deep into the ocean, leave the main island, travel deep way underground or climb up to roofs or the tops of trees. Every chest can be reached without the use of building or digging.
  • Armor, weapons and other general gear is not required. By all means bring your standard pickaxe, shovel and axe in if you really have to dig yourself through obstacles. Additionally, leave pearls, potions, elytras and whatnot, at home.
  • Keep your hands to yourself. No fighting, no killing. Do not duel eachother over the eggs. It is a race, not a deathmatch. Anyone who shows up as having killed someone else will immediately be disqualified (unless the circumstances were really, really accidental).
  • When the go is given everyone will have 45 minutes to hunt eggs. Once the time has expired a secondary timer of 5 minutes will initiate. This is your queue to haul back to the start. Anyone who is not back at the start once the five minutes are up will be disqualified.
  • If you throw any of the eggs they will become invalid. You will not be compensated. Don’t throw them!


We will start off at the designated time and mingle around for a while to let anyone late have the chance to show up and to also go over rules, questions and other inquiries. Drinks and food will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own.

If anyone arrives late they may still participate with the hunting granted there’s time left but you will only get to hunt for the remainder of the clock.

In the (unlikely) event of a tie. The player who arrived back to the start first will come ahead in the scoring.

Everyone who simply participates will get a small token to commemorate the event! As a thanks for showing up and playing.

If you don’t feel like actually running around for eggs you’re welcome to mingle around the start. You’ll still get a token for coming!

Even if you don’t win you’ll walk away with at least something! Of course, after the event Nautilus will need cleaning up. When you’re out and about egg hunting feel free to knock down the easter chest. For every chest you hand in afterwards we’ll pay you two emeralds!