Server Meeting – This Saturday 12PM EST

server meeting

We are calling our first server meeting of the year. With Euloria and most of The Ancient World in ruin, we’ve had to setup a new area for this meeting to be possible.

Reach the new (temporary?) meeting area at /spawn, then go down the secret stairs beside the Drakortha shrine.

secret stairs

This will be a voiced event so feel free to join us in the Discord voice channel for the event. However, we want to keep it civil and on track. There will be times to ask questions and then time for answers. Basically, please do not use it for off-topic discussions, jokes, memes, or inviting non-TAW friends into the channel. We aim to be productive with our meetings, and our moderators will take action when necessary.

For those not using voice feel free to ask your questions in the in-game chat or the general discord channel where they can be read. The meeting board is also the best place to post your questions or topic requests so that we don’t miss anything.

See you all this Saturday at 12PM EST!

Visit the meeting area now and place your sign on the board ahead of schedule
(the /spawn command is now active for this purpose)