Ancient Foes Rise Up

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During Windvale‘s 4th Anniversary Party a ruinous event took place.

The celebration kicked off as planned. There was good music and even better drink being served by the legendary barmaster from Yvre. A toast was made in honor of Windvale and it’s 4th year Anniversary.


But then the unexpected happened..

It began with a strange rumbling deep below in the catacombs of Windvale, followed by a darkness spreading it’s way through the grand Dwarven City. Dwarven troops sprung into action, arming themselves to the teeth and supplying their visitors with their stock of emergency Rift gear. But what they were about to face was a threat The Ancient World hasn’t faced for a millennia.


Unprepared for what came next, the brave warriors of Windvale fell into a trap in the catacombs and were subsequently wiped out. The city fell into darkness and ruin as a powerful force took hold and strangled the life out of it.

The depths of the world have for a very long time been a place of refuge for undead beings of darkness.  With most of the overworld ruled by living beings of light, darkness had been suppressed into the depths of the underworld for thousands of years.

However, with The Ancient World slipping into a weighty state of entropy during The Age of Ruin, the veil which existed between the world of light and darkness weakened with every light that went out and every structure that fell into decay – allowing Ancient Foes of Darkness to climb up from deep below and assimilate what they believe to be rightfully theirs.

The Ancient Undead have returned to the surface world after a long and arduous banishment by Living Mortals. For many Ages past, the Undead have isolated themselves to the most forgotten depths of the underworld. But in their banishment, their hatred for their expulsion only grew to such a proportion it could no longer be contained. And with the overworld in it’s current weakened state, a great opportunity has risen before them where they will begin to unleash upon the world.

Arm yourself and prepare, for a primordial war of the Ancient Past threatens the world once again.


What’s here, and what’s coming?

  • An undead invasion inspired by Age of Undead has begun on TAW.
  • Night has been extended to be equal length to Day (12/12)
  • Hostile mobs may now be found in areas that were once safe.
  • Mobs will be randomly generated with different amounts of health, speed, and other stats. Be wary of a mobs level when facing them.
  • This is only the beginning. Expect mobs to evolve and change over time, with new mobs also being introduced as the invasion progresses.
  • Sieges over Faction bases are a very strong possibility once undead forces have assembled themselves and wish to turn structures into their own. Keep your lights burning bright, defences strong, and fight together if this occurs.

phaelle 2
Hold a candle to the night. Let the shadows flee in fright
Phaelle, Goddess of Light.