The Age Upon us.

Age of Ruin Date


The beginnings of Voyagers Wharf were ambitious indeed. With Lord Vaestian’s promise of a new Golden Age of Law, Order, Justice, and Commerce – TAW civilization was set to see a bright future.

But things do not always go as hoped. Over time, The Lord’s City was abandoned. The cities population dissipated as it’s once would-be citizens chose a life of banditry, villainy and wilderness pillaging over Vaestians promise of a new Age of Order.

The Lords powers diminished, the Ordinators disbanded and the magical barriers that once protected Voyagers Wharf and many other locations around the world began to disintegrate. Ships that were once used for transportation raised up their sails and set off either in search of different lands or to turn to a life of piracy. And the once vibrant city fell into disarray.

The Promise of a Golden Age was over.

Thus began the Age of Ruin.

List of Changes

Expect some of these changes when the server relaunches next weekend;

  • Server Updating from Java 1.14.4 to 1.15.2
    Be prepared for the relaunch by updating to the latest Java version.
  • Travel Network Closed
    As mentioned in the synopsis, fast travel through the use of ships will no longer be active. This includes any pre-existing portal network on the server currently. Fast travel will be limited to /spawn and /f home.
  • Spawn moved
    Spawn will be moved to the Chapel with the rest of Voyagers Wharf becoming a wilderness area. The Chapel is Vaestians final place of power.
  • No Currency or Shops
    There is no designated currency or shops in this new age. Trade will be the way to do business going forward.
  • WorldBorder Removed
    The WorldBorder that’s always kept TAW contained will be taken down for some time. You will be able to venture out beyond and generate new lands for exploration and resource gathering. With that said, we don’t recommend using these areas for anything permanent, as they will be trimmed back perhaps every few months, or until the eventual ocean expansion.
  • WorldGuard Region Cutbacks
    Many areas which are known to be WorldGuarded will have their protected status revoked – making them vulnerable to the effects of time, world events, and mortals.

See you all on Saturday February 22nd at 10am EST for the beginning of Age of Ruin.