TAW in 2020

As 2019 comes to a close we will be looking towards the future of TAW in 2020. Some notable changes are coming very soon, as well as many other things looming on the horizon.

The End of The Ancient “Worlds” (plural)
Beginning from the first week of January there will be a downsizing to the amount of worlds we have on offer on TAW. These worlds will be no longer hosted on the server; Creative World, Disorder World, Vanilla World, Dungeon Worlds, and Staff World. Most of these worlds were originally created in anticipation of an event that was to occur earlier in the year that never came to fruition. Without the event, they’ve seen very minimal use. Generally this is about cutting down costs as to keep TAW sustainable going forward into 2020.

Before January 7th these worlds will cease as we revert back to just a singular world. Worlds such as Creative will be available to download by request, and the Staff World will likely be hosted on a separate server or an instance within TAW so that staff may continue their work there.

This was a difficult decision for me to make, considering how many dozens of hours were spent working to make all of our worlds and systems work in sync with each other. A lot was learned, however. And hopefully one day in the future we can revisit The Ancient “Worlds” concept.

With that difficult announcement aside, there are a few great things coming to TAW in 2020 and onwards. Here are just some of the things I hope we can achieve throughout the next year.

An update to our online World Map
It’s been some time since we updated our online map render. This is due to our mapping software being out of date beyond version 1.12.2. I will be making efforts early in the year in having this updated for our purposes.

Updating to Minecraft 1.15/1.16+
It is likely we will be updating to 1.15 in the first quarter of the year. We also have 1.16 to look forward to in the near future!

The Ocean Expansion
This has been on the cards ever since the Aquatic Update was first announced. What’s held us back is the lack of 1.14 supported world editors. We are eagerly waiting for a stable release of the Amulet Editor so that the work necessary can be done. We are crossing our fingers that this tool will become available to us sometime in 2020.

Region Changing Events
Without spoiling anything, there were some region changing events planned for TAW in 2019 that didn’t yet see the light of day. These have simply been delayed, and may likely come sometime in 2020. Keep your eyes and ears open!

The Opening of a New Dungeon
Our Dungeon Masters have been hard at work these past months preparing a new dungeon challenge for you all to experience. More news will be announced as it nears it’s completion.

TAW’s 10th Anniversary
You’ve heard it correctly. July 2020 marks the 10th year since TAW’s creation. What might we do for this special occasion? We don’t have anything planned for the time being, but I think the event should be considered as a cause for celebration.

Hopefully with the addition of the Editor, an Ocean Expansion, and a World Map render update, we can have the TAW map looking better than ever for the occasion!

And that is everything. Thank you everyone for a wonderful year of TAW. We hope to see you in the next one!

taw christmas 2019.png

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