TAW Newsletter 16th December 2019


Voyagers Wharf Party.png

A Voyagers Christmas
Saturday, December 21st at 7pm EST

  • Gift giving & receiving under the tree
  • Music and dancing
  • Lot’s of giveaways!
  • Join our discord voice channel for jolly chat

And as an added bonus..
During this event only, all players will receive the ability to rename or add lore to any of their items with simple commands. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Gift of the monthA new Gift of the Month has arrived for the month of December. Only 8 of these are available from the City Pantheon. Get one before stock runs out!

hellforged gift dec2019.png

Changes to Pets

  • PVP Skill tree has been removed from Pets.
  • Pets can now be brought over to Disorder.

General Store Event!
The Hunt 3 has begun! Check the general store signs for more info! New holiday items are on sale @ The General Store! New decorative only gift boxes and the first part of a limited holiday armor set!

Updated TAW with 1.15 Support
Players with Minecraft 1.15 clients should now be able to connect to the server.

As always, please report any bugs or exploits to our staff upon discovery.

Thank you everyone for visiting!
We hope to see you soon when you Enter The Ancient Worlds