TAW Newsletter 26th November 2019

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There’s been a few changes as well as new additions based on your feedback at our last Server Meeting. Meetings are held in-world every second Sunday. Come join us at the next one to provide your own valuable feedback and assist us in making TAW the best it can be! Our next Meeting is scheduled for Sunday December 8th, at 5pm EST. Mark it on your calendar, or Join the Discord to receive reminders.

Without further ado, here are some of the new changes and additions this week!

Changes to the Vote Shop
2 items in the Vote Shop have been changed.

  • x1 Diamond – Changed to x1 Emerald
  • x64 End Stone Blocks – Changed to x64 Lapis

General Store Changes
You can now buy from most of the vendors for a 20% price increase. These vendors contain limited stock dependent on when other players sell stock into them. These vendors are as follows;

  • Emeralds
  • Diamonds
  • Iron Ingots
  • Gold Ingots
  • Coal

It was brought to our attention that Pets have a level cap of 100, yet they only receive new abilities up until level 10. Beyond that, they don’t gain any new benefits except their respawn timer which continues to raise per level.

  • Reduced Pet level cap to 10

Pet Foods
It’s been difficult to find the proper information on what Pets eat what. To solve this all of the Pets and their diets have been posted on our forum. A link to this forum post is also included in the Pets codex page. View the page on our Forum.

whats coming.png

We have some more things coming in the next few weeks.

Disorder Reset December 7th
Disorder is scheduled for a reset on the first weekend of December. With it will be coming changes to it’s biomes as well as ores.

  • Coal Ore – Changed to Iron Ore
  • Iron Ore – Changed to Gold Ore
  • Gold Ore – Changed to Diamond Ore
  • Diamond Ore – Changed to Emerald Ore

There will also be a winter theme for the Month of December, and bonus Coal & Gravel deposits to find and harvest.

Xmas Event 2019
We will be organizing a Xmas event for Voyagers Wharf sometime in the next few weeks. Xmas tree, decorations, music, and giveaways!

next community meeting.pngOur next Community Meeting is scheduled for Sunday December 8th, 5pm EST at our usual location at Euloria. Simply be online at this time to become a participant and contribute your ideas and concerns in an open forum.


Thank you everyone for visiting!
We hope to see you soon when you Enter The Ancient Worlds

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