TAW Newsletter 12th September 2019

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The bonds of reality weaken. Is our world coming asunder? Time and space have been weakened by unknown forces. Time Lost of Ages Past

realityportal2.pngStarting this weekend we will be beginning the first of several precursor events for a new chain of events and content releases. Simply be online this weekend for the announcement and come join us!


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This is it folks. The final round of our City Name Poll! We have narrowed down the Poll choices to the Top 3 City Names. Cast your vote and make history!



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The Mob Arena is now here. Join the fight today! Bring your own gear or choose one of the preset kits. Battle waves of monsters, loot the chests, earn some extra XP! You can find the new Mob Arena across the road from the Cathedral.



Congratulations to those who already purchased their Gift of the Month. However due to fast sellout many players missed the opportunity. The Gift chest will be restocked over the weekend with 5 more Gifts, but at an increased price for these rare one time Gifts before they’re gone forever. Be online this weekend & don’t miss out!


new chat

There’s been some changes to the way our Chat works on TAW. We now have Chat Channels you can switch between. These new Channels are;

  • Whisper – 5 Block Radius (Alias: w)
  • Talk – 50 Block Radius (Alias: t)
  • Yell – 300 Block Radius (Alias: y)

To switch between channels, type the command /ch <channel alias>

For Example; to switch to the Talk Channel, type /ch t

You may also send a singular message to a channel without having to switch to it. Simply use the channel alias you would like to send a one-off message to. For Example; /y hello!

To private message at any distance, use the /message & /reply commands.


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Our next Server Meeting is scheduled for this Sunday September 15th, 5pm EST at our usual location at Euloria. Simply be online at this time to become a participant and contribute your ideas and concerns in an open forum.


Thank you everyone for visiting!
We hope to see you soon when you Enter The Ancient Worlds