Server Meeting Concluded

Our Server Meeting for Sunday September 1st has now Concluded! Thank you to everyone who attended and participated. For those who couldn’t make it, a video recording on the event can be seen below!



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Many things were discussed at our server meeting. For those interested we recommend watching the video in full. However, I have included some of the covered topics below as a recap, as well as things that we forgot to mention at the meeting. So take a look below.


City Name Poll.png


We are beginning a second round of voting for the name of our new city. Vote Now!


Gift of the month.png


Continuing our tradition of Artifacts of the Month from past ages, Gifts of the Month are our new flavor of Artifacts. These will  be sold in the city Patheon.

The first Gift, Vaestian’s Holy Lance, had a limited stock of 5 and is already Sold Out! But do not fret. There may be a small restock coming very soon. So save up your XP and stay updated on our Discord


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Ordinator Laws are not to be confused with Server Rules. Ordinator Laws are RP laws that are set for citizens of the city to assist in keeping order. They do not deal with wilderness raiders, brigands, or factioners. Breaking said laws will result in fines, imprisonment, and even exile from the city.

High Ranking Ords double as server moderators who enforce server rules OOC.

Some of the following laws discussed so far:

  • No stealing from players at spawn (Jail, then exile if reoccurring)
  • Terth Worship and Terthian items are outlawed (Will be confiscated + defaced) Punishment: (Banishment from spawn town and public humiliation – God disapproval)
  • Lord Worship is frowned upon (Gods must be found in the cathedral at spawn) Punishment: (Jail and possibly a sermon from a priest or another method of brainwas- … converting)
  • No bad talking the Ordinators or the Gods – they are here to help (Fine of 3 gold ingots, jail if not able to pay)
  • Gold armor is not allowed as it is impersonation of an Ordinator (Warning, then fine of 5 gold ingots, then jail)


ordinator code.jpg

Citizens are not the only ones who must follow a guideline to avoid strife. The Ordinators themselves have their own code they must adhere to when they are sworn in. The PRIMARY focus for any Ordinator (RP-Ordinator or Otherwise) are to be a helpful presence to all citizens of TAW. We don’t want to give the impression that all Ordinators do is enforce laws – laws are only enforced for the betterment of all Mortals in the interest of peacekeeping. An Ordinators day to day duties will be welcoming new arrivals, assisting them, providing conflict resolution to all and much more.

Ordinator Code:

  • Assist citizens to the best of their ability in all matters. If a task is too great, it may be referred to a higher ranking Ordinator.
  • When passing by a shrine to the Lady or Vaestian, an Ordinator must offer a small prayer.
  • All golden items confiscated by Ordinators must be smelted down into bars if applicable and placed in the Ordinator vault. Taking the gold for their own benefit is a serious crime worthy of demotion.
  • Heretical items must be offered to the gods by Ordinators so that their powers may be drained and destroyed. Failure to do so will result in Demotion and Banishment.
  • Maintain golden armor at all times, to ensure the citizens know who can aid them at a moments notice.
  • Assist fellow mortals against the manifestations of Terth whenever and wherever possible.
  • Never harm another mortal unless such person has been banished from spawn town and is acting aggressively.
  • Do not jail a citizen unless there is the proper justification. The citizen must be guilty of breaking a city law.



It was revealed at our Server Meeting that a new Dungeon event is currently in the works. It has not be revealed yet when this will be ready, but it is coming.

Read the teaser synopsis below;

The Ancient Worlds consists of countless worlds. Usually, these worlds exist independently of one another, their presence unnoticed by those living elsewhere. However, Terth, God of Darkness, has always put our realm, the Mortal Realm, under siege from his own. Each attack, a rift, strains the fabric that keeps worlds independent.

During the Age of Rifts 2, Terth’s final rift brought his world and ours closer than ever. Since then, strange objects and structures have begun appearing all over the Mortal Realm. Most notable are strange floating stones, each seems to whisper a coming doom, and a potential solution.



Our proposed Vanilla – Anarchy World is now available to access from the Lobby


grace perior


The No-Raid Grace Period for August is now over. If a faction has not yet returned for 1.14 to reclaim their base and possessions, then they are now free for the taking. They may also be converted into ruins.


plots now available.png


Plots are now available to rent in the new second district! Simply visit the plot of your choice and right click it’s sign to rent the plot. Each time you right click the sign you will rent an extra day, up to a maximum of 30 days at once. If you need assistance setting up your plot, reach out to an Ordinator for help.


gen store.png

gen store.jpg

The City General Store (Admin Shop) is now open for business! Visit to buy some of your basic essentials, or trade in resources for XP.


new worlds.jpg

At our meeting several potential bonus worlds were revealed to the community. We would like to see all of these worlds & more become available in the future. However, only one can be developed at a time so we are opening a new poll on which world you would like to see become available first.

VOTE for the world that looks the most intriguing to you! But please note that the proposed worlds below are conceptual at this stage and may differ in some ways to the released product. If you have your own ideas for a world please let us know.

Age of Darkness World

  • Minecraft Version 1.8
  • Always Night
  • Powerful Mobs
  • Harsh Weather

Take a trip back to an age frozen in time. The world as it was in 2012, upgraded to Minecraft 1.8.

The New World

  • Minecraft Version 1.8 (or updated to 1.14)
  • Factions

Travel back to The New World the way we left it in 2015. We can revisit a snapshot of the server in it’s Minecraft Version 1.8 state, or we upgrade it to the latest version. To be determined.

The Darklands World

The Darklands was a modded server we ran in 2014 that most TAW players never experienced. The Terrafirmacraft mod totally converts Minecraft survival into a deeper and more pure survival experience. Read more about Terrafirmacraft on it’s Wiki page


server meeting.jpg

Our next Server Meeting is scheduled for Sunday September 15th, 5pm EST at our usual location at Euloria. Simply be online at this time to become a participant and contribute your ideas and concerns in an open forum.


Thank you everyone for visiting!
We hope to see you soon when you Enter The Ancient Worlds