TAW Newsletter 28th August 2019

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A lot has been happening on The Ancient Worlds since our re-opening event on the 17th of this month. There has been a lot of server growth in terms of new players as well as functionality. We have been working tirelessly to support this new growth both in-game as well as upgrading all of our server hardware. We want to thank everyone for their patience with our frequent server maintenance & slow rollout of new plugins.

A new spawn city continues to develop, new rewards, new features, upcoming events, and more! So let’s get stuck right into it!




The Ancient Worlds has returned for Minecraft 1.14 and with it comes new content & features. Now you can gain the full benefits by becoming an Ancient Worlds Member!

Members receive exclusive bonuses such as bonus worlds and expanded features! Visit our Membership Page to learn more

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Your financial support keeps The Ancient Worlds online. We rely on our Members and Donators to keep TAW alive and independent.. become a member or make a donation
Help us build our foundation and sustain The Ancient Worlds. Thanks!



-City Yet to be named-
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Our new spawn city is coming along very well. Growth was very fast to the point where our Ordinators needed to create a magical barrier around it to prevent any further out of control growth. Efforts are now being made to reconfigure current streets and buildings to create a more coherent and accessible spawn city for our world.


Our New City – Day 5

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Due to the recent population growth on The Ancient World we realized we needed to create enough plots to support it. This is being done through a new development of a second district that is planned to support up to 60 plots! These plots will be used for shops or homes.



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We have added 4 new Pets that are now available to Donators and Members. There is a new Pet for every tier. They are as follows;

  • Tier 1 – Fish (any type)
  • Tier 2 – Turtle
  • Tier 3 – Fox
  • Tier 4 – Panda
    Visit the Codex page to see the updated list of all available Pets!


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We have updated the Vote Shop with new rewards! To see them, simply type /Vote Shop in-game. Visit the Codex page to learn more about Voting.



A hot topic since the beginning of this age is what economy will we be using, and how will we acquire it? We think we have found the answer..


There are many ways of acquiring XP in Vanilla Minecraft. So by making XP transferable to currency, we feel it may solve our dilemmas of fair and balanced methods of acquiring currency. Visit the Codex Page for more information!



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Shops have made a return on our server.
Visit the Codex Page to learn more about Shops!



Portal Gates are a feature exclusively available to Members. These are created by building a frame with at least 2 emerald blocks in it, then right clicking the inside of the frame while holding a named clock (renamed using an anvil). Repeat the same thing on a second Portal to have them linked up.

For the full guide on how these portals function, visit the wiki page Here.




Now available to all players, our new Creative World offers a plot system for all of your creative needs. Players can claim up to 2 plots to build on. Members can claim up to 8. Visit the Codex page to learn more.




Is our main server offline for maintenance, or are you just looking for a radically different experience? Our upcoming Anarchy World will fill that void.
No Moderators, No Rules!







Ordinators are the eyes and ears of the Lord of Order, Vaestian. As well as his left and right hand. They are here to maintain fairness and order in the land, and act as server Moderators. If you ever need any help or advice you can always count on our Ordinators to help out, so reach out to them if you see them online in-game or on our Discord.


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Our next Server Meeting will be held this Sunday 1st September, 5pm EST at our usual location at Euloria. Simply be online at this time to become a participant and contribute your ideas and concerns in an open forum.


Thank you everyone for visiting!
We hope to see you soon when you Enter The Ancient Worlds