The First Day of TAW 1.14


Today was the Re-Opening event for the launch of TAW 1.14! We had a fantastic turnout with a lot of old and new players coming in to check things out!

If you couldn’t make it to the event, we have you covered! Below is a recap of what unfolded when we all stepped off the ship and into a fresh new land.


Right from the start our settlers were caught in the middle of a thunderstorm. But that didn’t oppose them at all. A campfire on the beach was made and food and supplies were gathered around the area.


It wasn’t long before a supply shack was built where shared resources were gathered to be used for the new settlement. Plenty of tree felling took place to clear a large enough area to construct what will be our building area.

Lots of jokes, conversations, and Good times were had around the already established common areas.

Then came the nights..

The new settlers soon realized the nights would be long and full of terrors. The days were spent socializing, building, and gathering. But the nights were filled with fighting and the screeching of the new Phantom mob!


Even a drowned pirate zombie managed to crawl its way out of the ocean and towards the settlement. But he was dispatched quickly.


Despite all of that, progress was still made on what looks to be a very promising spawn indeed. Join us tomorrow as we continue our progress, and don’t forget we are holding a server meeting at 5pm EST. We hope to see you soon on The Ancient World 1.14!