TAW 1.14.4 Re-Opening!


It’s been a rocky few months of trying to get TAW stable on 1.13 and now 1.14.4. But with continued persistence, we have achieved the impossible!

Our server will be closed on Monday August 12th with access to staff only while we prepare for the 1.14.4 Re-Opening on August 17th (the following Saturday). We will also be holding a community meeting the next day on Sunday. Check below for the times!

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New Map Render

The staff and I will be using the remainder of our time on 1.12 doing more map cleanups and alterations in preparation for one final map render before we update. We hope that you will take the time to clean up your regions, and finish off some of your builds before we update. The cut off for this is when we close on the 12th for upgrades!

New Spawn Plan

Many of us have expressed the desire to get together and build a new community spawn much like we’ve done in the past (Oak’s Rest, The Shire). The Staff and I have chosen a suitable space to do this. We will reveal this location on the lead up to the launch – but here are a few things to note about it;

  • The spawnpoint will be on the deck of a colony ship that is docked along the coast of Old Mainland Wilderness. From here, we will build our new settlement.
  • Long time players have expressed their desire for a proper road system for the Old Mainland that connects all the major areas and factions. Work is already under way all over the Old Mainland, and our new settlement will be linked into this system.
  • Portals may not be functional during the first weeks of 1.14.4. For travel, we will be relying on /f home, /spawn, and horses on the road.
  • If you cannot make it on our launch date, do not fret. You may miss the earliest stages – but there will be plenty of building opportunities in the following weeks as the settlement grows.

Expect more news to come on the lead up to the launch. If you can, please join us on August 17th for the founding of our new spawn and be a part of it’s creation!

New TAW Fundraiser

TAW is in need of fundraising. Reaching our total goal will fund TAW server for the next 3 months. Your financial support keeps The Ancient World online. We rely on our players to keep TAW alive. All donators receive a complimentary nameplate color, unique title, and a pet of their choosing!



Is it going to be stable?
While I have tested as much as I can to make sure that our map has upgraded without errors, there is always the chance of minor or even major errors that could crop up anywhere on our map. A worst case scenario could set us back to 1.12 with our progress lost. Of course we would want to avoid this situation at all costs, but consider this a warning for these kinds of possibilities.

When is the server going offline to prepare for the re-opening?
TAW 1.12 will go offline on Monday August 12th at 12am EST. After that, it will be online for the rest of the week under a strict whitelist for Staff only while we make final preparations for the launch on the following Saturday.

Will there be a Whitelist?
Yes TAW is remaining under a whitelist. Please get you and your friends whitelisting requests in before the re-opening.

What’s happening with our faction data?
Massivecraft’s Factions has been discontinued by the developer. We have used this version for years, and so we’ve had to find a Factions solution elsewhere. I have run through and tested an alternative called SavageFactions which seems to be a very good build and should serve all of our needs. However, it is built differently so we’re going to be starting with fresh data. We will establish a NO RAIDING rule for the remainder of August. Come September 1st, go nuts. But please do not grief builds!

Is our player data going to be safe through the server upgrade?
I always answer this question with a yes, but I encourage everyone to take the necessary precautions in-case of data loss or corruption of player data. To do this, make sure to have all your valuable items stored in regular chests. Do not keep them in your player inventory, or your ender chests (these are both linked to player data). Over the years, regular chest data has proven to be the most reliable and least prone to data loss or corrution.

What are we doing on the launch day? Any community events?
We are all getting together to build a new spawn. Visit the website later in the week for a follow up announcement. We will also be holding a community meeting on Sunday 18th August at 5pm EST at Euloria.

Will the map have all the new ocean biomes introduced in the 1.13 Aquatic update?
This is something we really wanted to have ready for the launch, but the tools required to do this properly are still under contruction and won’t be ready for some time. We have big plans to expand our world map and add all of these in the future. With that said, our recent biome work should allow for aquatic mob spawns – so I expect we will be seeing plenty of new life swimming and crawling around!


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