TAW Newsletter 28th August 2019

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A lot has been happening on The Ancient Worlds since our re-opening event on the 17th of this month. There has been a lot of server growth in terms of new players as well as functionality. We have been working tirelessly to support this new growth both in-game as well as upgrading all of our server hardware. We want to thank everyone for their patience with our frequent server maintenance & slow rollout of new plugins.

A new spawn city continues to develop, new rewards, new features, upcoming events, and more! So let’s get stuck right into it!




The Ancient Worlds has returned for Minecraft 1.14 and with it comes new content & features. Now you can gain the full benefits by becoming an Ancient Worlds Member!

Members receive exclusive bonuses such as bonus worlds and expanded features! Visit our Membership Page to learn more

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Your financial support keeps The Ancient Worlds online. We rely on our Members and Donators to keep TAW alive and independent.. become a member or make a donation
Help us build our foundation and sustain The Ancient Worlds. Thanks!



-City Yet to be named-
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Our new spawn city is coming along very well. Growth was very fast to the point where our Ordinators needed to create a magical barrier around it to prevent any further out of control growth. Efforts are now being made to reconfigure current streets and buildings to create a more coherent and accessible spawn city for our world.


Our New City – Day 5

new district.jpg

Due to the recent population growth on The Ancient World we realized we needed to create enough plots to support it. This is being done through a new development of a second district that is planned to support up to 60 plots! These plots will be used for shops or homes.



new pets.jpg

We have added 4 new Pets that are now available to Donators and Members. There is a new Pet for every tier. They are as follows;

  • Tier 1 – Fish (any type)
  • Tier 2 – Turtle
  • Tier 3 – Fox
  • Tier 4 – Panda
    Visit the Codex page to see the updated list of all available Pets!


vote shop.jpg


We have updated the Vote Shop with new rewards! To see them, simply type /Vote Shop in-game. Visit the Codex page to learn more about Voting.



A hot topic since the beginning of this age is what economy will we be using, and how will we acquire it? We think we have found the answer..


There are many ways of acquiring XP in Vanilla Minecraft. So by making XP transferable to currency, we feel it may solve our dilemmas of fair and balanced methods of acquiring currency. Visit the Codex Page for more information!



potato shop.jpg

Shops have made a return on our server.
Visit the Codex Page to learn more about Shops!



Portal Gates are a feature exclusively available to Members. These are created by building a frame with at least 2 emerald blocks in it, then right clicking the inside of the frame while holding a named clock (renamed using an anvil). Repeat the same thing on a second Portal to have them linked up.

For the full guide on how these portals function, visit the wiki page Here.




Now available to all players, our new Creative World offers a plot system for all of your creative needs. Players can claim up to 2 plots to build on. Members can claim up to 8. Visit the Codex page to learn more.




Is our main server offline for maintenance, or are you just looking for a radically different experience? Our upcoming Anarchy World will fill that void.
No Moderators, No Rules!







Ordinators are the eyes and ears of the Lord of Order, Vaestian. As well as his left and right hand. They are here to maintain fairness and order in the land, and act as server Moderators. If you ever need any help or advice you can always count on our Ordinators to help out, so reach out to them if you see them online in-game or on our Discord.


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Our next Server Meeting will be held this Sunday 1st September, 5pm EST at our usual location at Euloria. Simply be online at this time to become a participant and contribute your ideas and concerns in an open forum.


Thank you everyone for visiting!
We hope to see you soon when you Enter The Ancient Worlds



TAW Server Meeting Concluded – And a visit from a Twitch Streamer!


Today we held our bi-weekly server meeting at Euloria and discussed many topics regarding The Ancient World. We also had a visit from a Youtuber & Twitch Streamer. More information about that at the end of this post.

If you couldn’t make it to the meeting that’s okay because below I have provided all the important things to take away from our meeting.


Re-Corrupted Biomes

A lot of work went into fixing up our biomes map wide. The biomes were fixed and were ready for the 1.14.4 launch. But mysteriously, biomes worldwide began to re-corrupt again in many areas just 2 days before the launch. This is an unfortunate occurrence and there’s nothing we can do to fix it now until our biome tools are updated. We hope that your home region is not too affected by the corruption!

Creative World

A topic of discussion was the Creative World that exists on it’s own partition on the TAW server. This partition has been closed off as to provide the server with more resources for our TAW map. However, we need the Creative World up so that our staff can continue to use it to plan for future community events. The great news is we now have Bungee support – which will allow us to have a Creative World on it’s own server and link it without it taking up precious resources from TAW. We may also split this creative server into 2 separate partitions – one being for public use and the other for event staff.

It is important to note though that extra servers do increase our maintenance costs. And we haven’t yet reached our quarterly donation goal. We would like to ask that anyone who is interested in using a Creative World on our network to consider donating and helping us reach our goals.


Spawn Rules

It was debated whether or not raiding and PvP should be permitted in our new settlement area. PvP is out because the area is under a PvP safezone, so PvP isn’t actually possible. Raiding however is less predictable and requires some kind of moderation. We do not condone players going to /spawn and stealing supplies from chests that are being used to supply the multiple building projects that are on-going there. If anyone is caught stealing (and we will know, because we can check chest access history) the perpetrators will be asked to return what they stole. So, just don’t do it anyway and save us all the hassle 🙂

New God/s


A new god for TAW has been revealed at this meeting! All that’s been revealed so far is a skin, and a name. But either of these are subject to change. Stay tuned for more updates regarding these potential new allies!

New Currency

A very popular topic was what should our new currency be? Having a new currency will allow us to support other plugins on the server such as Shopchests.

Most of us agreed we should use an item that is from the new update that almost nobody has. This way when it is introduced everyone will begin with the same wealth. It was decided that Nautilus Shells will be our new currency.

There was also discussion about what sort of methods can we use for gaining this currency? This question is still on the table. Nautilus Shells can be gained through fishing in vanilla Minecraft but we’re going to need more variety than that. Expect more news to come out about currency in the following weeks as we work to answer this question!


This topic was simple! TAW no longer has a Whitelist and is open.

Idle Logout Timers

It was brought up that Phantoms have been a challenge for some players who are not able to sleep in beds to skip the night because of AFK players. It was suggested that a Idle Logout Timer be introduced to kick players that idle for too long. I have a few things to say about this.

  1.  Firstly, AFKing on TAW is something a lot of old players have been doing for a long time. It’s become sort of a stable for some people to be logged in while they complete school work or handle other tasks on their PC. To take that away for only a singular reason doesn’t seem very justified or fair.
  2. Secondly, and this reason is rather personal. But as someone who’s played Minecraft since the earliest days, Beds were not something we had in the early days and skipping nights and all the challenges of the game were just not that easy. Some may feel differently about this, but not all of us wish to skip every night which we might consider to be half the fun of the game.
  3. And that leads me onto my third point. Even with a logout timer, its likely you will still have players who are too far away from a bed because either they are exploring or mining etc. You can ask them to logout and they might be happy to. But this really all comes down to the circumstances having to be absolutely perfect so that up to 10 people will either sleep in a bed or logout so that the night can be skipped. Stopping people from being able to AFK for a few minutes isn’t going to solve every scenario where you want to skip the night. This is going to continue to be a problem if you have a high population on the server. It cannot be avoided.

So with all that said – our best suggestion to deal with the Phantom invasion is to simply stay indoors at night and wait out the night. Or gear up and fight them off. It is not impossible and the mobs are not totally unreasonable. If you remain indoors they will leave you alone. And you can always attend to other tasks such as mining or crafting. The days on TAW are twice as long as the nights so use your time outside wisely and return indoors when the sun sets.


Speaking of Phantoms.. just as we were done discussing them, we had some visitors swoop down on our meeting area!

And that concludes last nights server meeting!

Thanks for reading and participating! We hope to organize meetings to be a bi-weekly event. So that schedules our next server meeting for Sunday September 1st. See you all next time!

And as a special bonus..


We had a visit today by well known Youtuber & Twitch streamer Tankgirl. She arrived by ship to our new settlement and was taken on a tour to some impressive locations around The Ancient World. Watch the full stream below to see for yourself!

Skip to 44:45 where the TAW portion of the stream begins.


The First Day of TAW 1.14


Today was the Re-Opening event for the launch of TAW 1.14! We had a fantastic turnout with a lot of old and new players coming in to check things out!

If you couldn’t make it to the event, we have you covered! Below is a recap of what unfolded when we all stepped off the ship and into a fresh new land.


Right from the start our settlers were caught in the middle of a thunderstorm. But that didn’t oppose them at all. A campfire on the beach was made and food and supplies were gathered around the area.


It wasn’t long before a supply shack was built where shared resources were gathered to be used for the new settlement. Plenty of tree felling took place to clear a large enough area to construct what will be our building area.

Lots of jokes, conversations, and Good times were had around the already established common areas.

Then came the nights..

The new settlers soon realized the nights would be long and full of terrors. The days were spent socializing, building, and gathering. But the nights were filled with fighting and the screeching of the new Phantom mob!


Even a drowned pirate zombie managed to crawl its way out of the ocean and towards the settlement. But he was dispatched quickly.


Despite all of that, progress was still made on what looks to be a very promising spawn indeed. Join us tomorrow as we continue our progress, and don’t forget we are holding a server meeting at 5pm EST. We hope to see you soon on The Ancient World 1.14!

Drakortha Talks about TAW 1.14!

This is the last blog post before the re-opening on Saturday 17th 7pm EST. In the following video Drakortha talks about some of the new things to expect on your journey into The Ancient World!

Old Mainland Road.png

A basic overview of the new spawn area and the *new* Old Mainland road system!

What’s coming?!

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you all for visiting. It’s been a high priority of mine to make our website into a hub of useful server information and resources.  I hope you all make good use of our new TAW Codex and other links that will enhance your time as a community member of The Ancient World!

This blog post covers many changes and things to expect when TAW re-opens on Saturday August 17th. We will have one more blog post leading up to the re-opening.

There is a lot of news for us to cover today. So with that out of the way, let’s begin!

It has been almost a full year since our last map render update. The changes to the world since last year are huge. Check out the updated map render and see for yourself!

sadrith overhaul.png

Work is underway to overhaul the Continents with new content! The first of these continents is Sadrith Mora – which has had new content added such as coral reefs, overgrown forests, bamboo jungles and pandas!


We now have a working build of CreativeGates (our portal network plugin). However, our old portal data could not be converted to the new 1.14.4 format. As a result all of our portal networks are down and must be rebuilt from scratch. I plan to have all of our Port Orange and Euloria services back up and running in time for the re-opening on Saturday.

Factiondata.pngSome great news! Massivecraft’s Factions has been updated by a third party to support the new 1.14.4 format, resulting in all of our old Faction data remaining intact! However, we will still be keeping the No-Raiding rule in effect until the end of August as planned.

voting returns.png
Our Voting system will be making a return for 1.14.4! This also includes Vote Points and the Vote Shop. Visit the Voting page on the TAW Codex for more info.

donationperk.pngchillphin pet.jpg

We are changing the way donation rewards work. For a time, the only donation rewards were pet tiers. Recently I’ve introduced nameplate recoloring as a bonus reward for donators. But I would like to take this an extra step further into something more balanced.

What do future donators receive?

Starting from 1.14.4, all future donators will receive

  • a nameplate recoloring
  • a unique tag of your choosing,
  • one Pet (depending upon the amount donated).

I will be revamping the Pet’s codex page to reflect these changes. This will not however effect existing owners of pets. These changes will only reflect on any future donators.

This also marks the end of our racial tag system that we introduced a few years ago. You can still have your custom racial tag if you are a donator, or you may ask for your own unique title of your choosing.

So receiving entire tiers of pets is going bye bye?

Yes. The main change here to take note of is the reduction from entire pet tiers by donation to only a single pet from the tier you qualify for. For example – if you donate over $4, this will qualify you for 1 pet out of the $4 tier instead of all the pets in the tier.

While I think it’s great to give out all the pets (who doesn’t want them all?), I also feel it diminishes the value of them when they are given out in such quantity in a single instance.

What about existing donators? do we keep all our pets?

Of course. Also, If you are an existing donator then I owe you a unique tag of your choosing as well. So be sure to bring that up with me the next time you see me online – assuming I don’t bring it up first.


TAW 1.14.4 Re-Opening!


It’s been a rocky few months of trying to get TAW stable on 1.13 and now 1.14.4. But with continued persistence, we have achieved the impossible!

Our server will be closed on Monday August 12th with access to staff only while we prepare for the 1.14.4 Re-Opening on August 17th (the following Saturday). We will also be holding a community meeting the next day on Sunday. Check below for the times!

TAW 1.png

New Map Render

The staff and I will be using the remainder of our time on 1.12 doing more map cleanups and alterations in preparation for one final map render before we update. We hope that you will take the time to clean up your regions, and finish off some of your builds before we update. The cut off for this is when we close on the 12th for upgrades!

New Spawn Plan

Many of us have expressed the desire to get together and build a new community spawn much like we’ve done in the past (Oak’s Rest, The Shire). The Staff and I have chosen a suitable space to do this. We will reveal this location on the lead up to the launch – but here are a few things to note about it;

  • The spawnpoint will be on the deck of a colony ship that is docked along the coast of Old Mainland Wilderness. From here, we will build our new settlement.
  • Long time players have expressed their desire for a proper road system for the Old Mainland that connects all the major areas and factions. Work is already under way all over the Old Mainland, and our new settlement will be linked into this system.
  • Portals may not be functional during the first weeks of 1.14.4. For travel, we will be relying on /f home, /spawn, and horses on the road.
  • If you cannot make it on our launch date, do not fret. You may miss the earliest stages – but there will be plenty of building opportunities in the following weeks as the settlement grows.

Expect more news to come on the lead up to the launch. If you can, please join us on August 17th for the founding of our new spawn and be a part of it’s creation!

New TAW Fundraiser

TAW is in need of fundraising. Reaching our total goal will fund TAW server for the next 3 months. Your financial support keeps The Ancient World online. We rely on our players to keep TAW alive. All donators receive a complimentary nameplate color, unique title, and a pet of their choosing!



Is it going to be stable?
While I have tested as much as I can to make sure that our map has upgraded without errors, there is always the chance of minor or even major errors that could crop up anywhere on our map. A worst case scenario could set us back to 1.12 with our progress lost. Of course we would want to avoid this situation at all costs, but consider this a warning for these kinds of possibilities.

When is the server going offline to prepare for the re-opening?
TAW 1.12 will go offline on Monday August 12th at 12am EST. After that, it will be online for the rest of the week under a strict whitelist for Staff only while we make final preparations for the launch on the following Saturday.

Will there be a Whitelist?
Yes TAW is remaining under a whitelist. Please get you and your friends whitelisting requests in before the re-opening.

What’s happening with our faction data?
Massivecraft’s Factions has been discontinued by the developer. We have used this version for years, and so we’ve had to find a Factions solution elsewhere. I have run through and tested an alternative called SavageFactions which seems to be a very good build and should serve all of our needs. However, it is built differently so we’re going to be starting with fresh data. We will establish a NO RAIDING rule for the remainder of August. Come September 1st, go nuts. But please do not grief builds!

Is our player data going to be safe through the server upgrade?
I always answer this question with a yes, but I encourage everyone to take the necessary precautions in-case of data loss or corruption of player data. To do this, make sure to have all your valuable items stored in regular chests. Do not keep them in your player inventory, or your ender chests (these are both linked to player data). Over the years, regular chest data has proven to be the most reliable and least prone to data loss or corrution.

What are we doing on the launch day? Any community events?
We are all getting together to build a new spawn. Visit the website later in the week for a follow up announcement. We will also be holding a community meeting on Sunday 18th August at 5pm EST at Euloria.

Will the map have all the new ocean biomes introduced in the 1.13 Aquatic update?
This is something we really wanted to have ready for the launch, but the tools required to do this properly are still under contruction and won’t be ready for some time. We have big plans to expand our world map and add all of these in the future. With that said, our recent biome work should allow for aquatic mob spawns – so I expect we will be seeing plenty of new life swimming and crawling around!


The TAW Codex is here!

The Ancient World Codex is here!

The Codex is our solution to having reliable resources and a consistent knowledge base for our community.

taw codex 2.png

We have merged our Fandom Wiki as well as our Discord and World Map links into this one useful codex directory. Currently, all edits to the codex must be done by the administrator.

A new section has been added to our discord titled ‘codex submissions.’ If there is an existing Codex page you would like modified or you have new page ideas of your own – please submit them there. Alternatively you may contact Drakortha directly on Discord or email at drakorthaproductions@gmail.com.

Check our blog this weekend for our next announcement.