Whats been happening?

Greetings! It’s been some time since we’ve had any updates here and there have been a lot of questions being asked about the server, so It’s time to provide some much needed answers!

Upcoming Server Update

Right now our focus is on the future of TAW. There are 2 major Minecraft updates we’re yet to catch up with (1.13 & 1.14). Both updates add brand new content to the game that we want to take full advantage of. For example; the new ocean biomes introduced in 1.13.

Below is a mock up image of what we have in mind for an ocean expansion for TAW. Notice the large body of water added. This map update will also give us a lot of extra space to add islands or continents. Some pre-existing continents come to mind such as The New World, and also newly generated lands.


Continuing Map Work

We’ve been continuing our tradition of visiting older areas of the map to rejuvenate it and bring it new life. Keep checking back on our World Map render to see all the changes!


New Spawn is on the Horizon

With the server update on the horizon we are setting our goal to construct a new community spawn. Much like our community spawns of the past (Oaks Rest etc), this will be a spawn built entirely by our community using survival mode. This is a great opportunity to work together and foster a true community feeling for our old and new players alike. We hope you will join us soon!