Server Meeting 29th March 2019

Our first server meeting of the year has been adjourned! If you missed it, you can catch up by watching the Livestream recording below. Thank you everyone for coming! Topics that were discussed; Waiting on 1.13/1.14 plugin & software updates, new economy, new spawn, new playable areas, the new donation shop & more.

Meeting starts at 21:50


Upcoming Server Meeting

Upcoming Server Meeting
Saturday March 9th, 5pm est

2019-03-03_13.37.46Drakortha asks that you attend.

Our first server meeting of 2019 will be held this weekend. We ask that you attend, or at least leave a sign on the meeting board to be discussed.

It’s simple – take the airship portal at Port Orange to be teleported to the meeting area. Knock off an empty sign on the topic board and put it back with your ideas, questions, or concerns. We will then all lend further discussion on each and every topic on the board.


Souls Escape Exile

Many souls were lost long ago along the shores of Shaurekoth Durn. However, a few brave enough to face the depths of the cold abyss found a doorway back to their earthly bodies on the Ancient Realm.

And with the first souls passing through this doorway a vacuum was created for all other souls to pass on through as well. Welcome back everyone!

Grumfisst – the first soul to pass through the doorway