Blue Peaks Recovery Project

It’s been a few days now into the Blue Peaks Recovery Project. A very small team of us have been working in Blue Peaks on a large scale cleanup/recovery. We felt like it was time to retire Blue Peaks as a major location for rifts and other destructive events.

Here are some examples of changes around Blue Blues.

bluepeaks ironhammer

meteor strike bluepeaks

It’s been over a thousand years since the first Age of Darkness. During this time, blue peaks was bombarded with dozens of rifts, meteors, and massive undead attack. It’s also been through various other intense ages such as Age of Darkness II, Age of Rifts II and the Dark Moon Events.

All of this was caused by Terth’s hold over the region – which has now been released after his defeat at the end of Age of Rifts II, imprisoning him on Shaurekoth Durn.

Many more changes are coming to the TAW map. Check the world map render to see them as they come!