The Aquatic World

The Aquatic Update Has Arrived!!!

We are now running Minecraft version 1.13 and with it, a new water world to play on!

Whitelist information.

Starter Island
This is where you will start off on your first steps into this Aquatic world! Stay to say hello and have a chat, or take off from the dock using one of the supplied boats.

Just follow the signs!
Here are some things you may find on our little island. Help yourself to some wheat for nourishment. And there’s a crafting table inside the storehouse you can use. Make yourself at home and use our beds upstairs to skip the night and drive away the new phantom flying mob!

The Phantom!
Everyone who resides on our island are well aware of the creature that now lurks in the skies above. You wont expect them until the last second! Beware when working for long periods outdoors overnight. Sleeping in a bed occasionally will draw Phantoms away, as they are attracted to insomnia. Which builds on your character the longer you go without rest.2018-07-15_20.12.16

Drowned zombies!
They’re my personal favorite!

To visit the Aquatic  world, select version 1.13 in your Minecraft launcher, then enquire on our discord about being whitelisted.

More server information.