Variety Update | Age of Exile


This update covers a lot of different things. So, without further ado, Let’s begin!


The Prison Soul Shrine has received a major expansion. This includes new lower level dungeons with mobs for resource grinding. In particular; Gold & Iron. Make it past the Prison Guards alive to reach either of the Wardens. The Wardens have a relatively short respawn cooldown, so feel free to spend some time here grinding for resources.

Killing either Warden will reward you with Gold or Iron, depending on if it’s the Iron Warden or Gold Warden that you killed. The most common drop is nuggets, followed by raw ore, followed by ingots. The Wardens have a fair amount of health – But they are immobile. Meaning they cannot move to hit you. So swing away!

Image Gallery for the Prison Expansion


The first time a player spawns on Exile has seen an update! No longer will new players need to swim up out of the Sinking Vessel. Now the shipwreck is lodged in the ice near the Necropolis Soul Shrine.



We now have a method of making chests auto refill themselves after being looted. This currently only affects the loot chests surrounding the shipwreck to reward new players who are resourceful or curious enough to look inside the chests. This mechanic may extend to other areas such as mobzones in a future update.



All Soul Shrines on Durn now have basic vendors & also doctors. Each Soul Shrine has 2 admin shop chests selling some useful things. The items are different at each Soul Shrine.

Example Vendor
example vendor

Doctor Kiosks
Doctor Kiosks have been added to all Soul Shrines on Durn. The doctor can treat you for any Illness or disease for a reasonable price. (500 Quartz). Right click the Doctor sign to be treated.


The Lightkeepers are our peaceful faction on Durn that cannot be harmed by other players. They currently have a shop just outside their walls you can buy from. They have a good variety, but their prices are steep due to the rarity of resources on Durn. If you really need something, maybe they have it.lkshop.jpg








The world map has been updated to reflect all the changes. Such as the new shipwreck location, and the location of the new resource grinder at the Prison.


Bonus changes;

  • Elder Guardian has had his health and damage decreased.
  • The /help panel now mentions the Lockette 3 day expiry.
  • Exploding Bats have been removed from Durn.