Mobzone Update 2 | Age of Exile

Necropolis Overhaul

The Necropolis mob-zone has seen some major changes.

  • Almost doubled in size (compared to it’s original size)
  • New structures, ruins, and dungeons to explore.
  • More mob variety in Necropolis.
  • New mob type Burning Zombie. New drops useful for brewing.
  • Dr Mobius’ Lab & the brewing stands have been moved to Necropolis.
  • Lord Varson has been removed due to bugged spawning.
  • Blaze Powder drop chance on blazes has been increased from 10% to 30%
  • Dr Mobius now drops more glass bottles on death.

Be cautious if you decide to go exploring Necropolis. Very dangerous mobs here in some areas, and the hordes of zombies can overwhelm. If it’s the brewing lab you are interested in, please refer to Mobzone Update 1 for more information on how that works. Necropolis & the mobs there should provide all the items necessary for brewing in their drop tables.

Necropolis Overhaul Screenshots;

Enchanting Spire Added!

A low level Enchanting Table is now available for use at the Enchanting Spire. Visit the world map to find the location, as it is now marked.

More changes;

  • All brewing stands (besides Dr Mobius) have been removed from the map. This is to increase the importance of the new method of brewing potions. We have also done the same for Enchant tables.
  • Lightkeepers was made a Peaceful faction. They may offer chest shops to wandering players.
  • mcMMO actions have been moved from the action bar to the regular chat bar.
  • Mob health is now displayed in the action bar.
  • World Map Update!

Map Update.jpg