Mobzone Update 1 | Age of Exile

Watch the above Youtube video to see the first piece of news.

The Alchemy mobzone will become available tonight on the server. If you are online around 5pm, you will see the announcement in-game.

Once the announcement is made, players may take it upon themselves to clear out the laboratory so that they can get 30 minutes access to the brewing stand (before the boss & other mobs respawn.) This weekend I will be announcing an Enchanting mobzone.

Ghast Plains

More changes;

  • Mobzones have been repopulated with monsters such as Zombies & Skeletons. Over a dozen new mob spawners with cool downs have been added around the continent. (not all are Zombs and Skeles *wink*)
  • Mobzone chests have not been refilled with loot. Monster drops have been adjusted slightly
  • The Scorched Remains monsters no longer drop Sulphur. Blaze’s now drop Sulphur.

That is all for today. Good luck, and take care!