Age of Exile – Patch 2

Some big changes;

  • The Great Purge. All things related to diamonds have been purged from Durn. This includes all leftover diamond ores in the ground and all diamond related items in chests, furnaces, dispensers, dropped items, item-containing tiles, and player inventories. Enchant tables have also been removed since they can only be crafted using diamond – hence we don’t want anyone to have distinct advantage over others. A method of acquiring enchant tables (without using diamonds) may be added in the future.
  • All quartz blocks have also been purged from chests for the reason stated below.
  • We have gone over the loot tables and checked to make sure none of the mobs are giving out excessive amounts of money. It was originally intended for mobs to drop very small amounts of Quartz, which would increase in increments depending on the difficulty of the mob. We had mistakenly missed a few mobs which dropped too many quartz.
  • Voting no longer rewards quartz and instead will only reward vote points. Players should not have thousands of quartz just from voting.

New Things;

  • All players now have access to a /setlore command. Use it to write your own custom lore on items with multiple lines of text. Use the command like this;
    /setlore <line> <lore>
  • You will no longer need to buy leather from Soul Shrine vendors. Now when you respawn you will be given a full set of leather, a sword, and some food.
  • Torches no longer go out. The plugin has been removed due to bugs.

Thank you everyone for your constructive comments and feedback. And as always, please report any bugs or exploits you find so they can be patched asap.