Age of Exile – Day 1 Patch

  • All Soul Shrines now contain a leather vendor & crafting table for easier access to leather armor.
  • All players are paid 8 quartz per 20 minutes of play time on the server. It’s recommended you use this to buy leather from the vendors if you can not fight the mobs.
  • Vote shop rewards have been updated with new items. Some of these will aid your survival if you choose not to fight mobs as much.
  • New drops have been added to the loot table. Some of these include glowstone, coal, string, and seeds. I will not reveal which mobs drop these. You must discover them all :smiley:
  • To aid with food shortages, the growth multiplier for Wheat has been increased from 10% to 25%. This won’t affect other things such as saplings.

The below video quickly explains the leather vendors and the new vote shop rewards.