Doomsday Rift Battle

Last night on The Ancient World a large battle occurred between Mortal Heroes & Terth’s Rifts, resulting in the Doomsday Rift becoming significantly weaker.

Doomsday Rift outside Fort Eden.


The Doomsday Rift outside the Eden Fort is responsible for many of the other Rifts occurring around the world and also the darkness in the sky. It’s hearts are made of Bedrock, which proves to be unbreakable without weakening them first.

To do this the Mortals struck at the hearts of other Rifts around the world in an effort to make the Doomsday Rift vulnerable for long enough to get at the bedrock hearts. After over 4 hours of constant fighting, It was largely successful with 3 out of 4 hearts destroyed on the Doomsday Rift.

Halycon Rift – Bal Fel


This Rift emerged from the water outside the old Halycon base. The battle here was fierce, with Mortals fighting against a powerful Witch and an Elder Guardian.

Izendorth Rift – Shady SandsĀ 



The Izendorth Rift grew in size but was eventually defeated. But not before Izendorth was consumed completely.

When these Rifts were defeated, it opened up an opportunity for the Mortals to attack the hearts on the Doomsday Rift)
(The hearts turned from Bedrock into Obsidian, then finally mobspawners)

The Doomsday Rift became significantly weaker
After Mortals destroyed 3/4 of it’s hearts






The Create a Mobzone Event – Going Well!

Last night was the beginning of the week-long “Create a Mobzone” Server Event, where players are tasked with building mobzones for which to populate our new continent Shaurekoth Durn!

Some entries have already made it onto the new continent! Check them out below.

Abandoned Settlement & Cursed Land
Builders: Siberians

Evoker Mobzone
Builder: Mastronomus

Ruined Mines
Builders: KalBuldur Dwarves

And there will be many more throughout the week, I’m sure! Thank you everyone for your participation. Shaurekoth Durn is shaping up to be a very interesting landscape. We can’t wait for you to explore it for yourself soon!


Set Sail from Port Orange!

In an effort to reconnect the Ancient Portal Network and to bring some semblance of peace during the recent chaos, spawn has been moved to Port Orange and all portal services have been fully restored.

Port Orange Ship Services are now fully functional


Boat locations include:

  • Arch Fel
  • Euloria
  • Terth Valhalla
  • Dagon Fel
  • Old Mainland
  • Orrostar & The New Lands
  • Port Indigo

Portal Room Activated


The old portal room has been completely re-activated and provides quick transportation to historical sites, wilderness areas (for settlement), and to current events (Fort Oak as example)

Portal Locations Include:

  • Fort Oak (Formerly Oak’s Rest)
  • The Lifegrove (Orrostar)
  • Blue Peaks (Beastmasters)
  • Mesa Wilderness (New Lands)
  • Desert Wilderness (New Lands)
  • Wilderness Island 1 (Roofed Forest)
  • Wilderness Island 2 (Mushroom)
  • Molten Valley (Historic)
  • Baulkham Hills (Historic)
  • Old Ironheart (Historic)
  • Barossa Valley (Historic)

The Grand BankĀ 


The Grand Bank of Port Orange has been reserved by the server admin & staff to one day be our admin building & server shop. But it is currently closed due to the Rifts.

Create a Mobzone – Server Event!

Join us on the server tonight at 5pm EST (2pm PST) for our “Create a Mobzone” competition, where you’ll gain access to creative mode & a creative map to go wild with imagination, and contribute to the future of The Ancient World!

Event Portal is at Spawn.


Riftstorm Blankets The Ancient World

A buildup of ash from recent rifts has spread across the atmosphere of The Ancient World. With the sunlight unable to penetrate the thick smoke, it is expected the world will remain in darkness for a period of time.

A large percentage of the pollution is currently being produced by a Doomsday Rift which has formed nearby an ancient historical wonder.

You can reach the location through a portal at spawn.



Create a Mobzone Competition!

Event begins This Saturday at 5PM EST, and will run for the entirety of the following week.

mobzone competition.jpg

This is the Competition where everyone is a winner!

Unlike our previous Port Orange build competition, we are not limited to using only 1 build as the winning build. You can all contribute to the creation of the new continent Shaurekoth Durn!

Steps to Complete:

  • Enter The Ancient World on Saturday at 5PM EST.
  • Request permission to enter the competition area (It is Whitelisted).
  • The portal to the building area will be at Fort Oak Port Orange.
  • Build your mob zone in the building area with creative mode (as provided).
  • Submit your completed build along with a description and what mob should spawn.

What is a Mobzone?

A mob zone is a build (most commonly a player build turned ruin), that is protected with a worldguard and spawns many monsters for players to fight for XP and currency. Mob zones can contain more challenges than just mobs. The limit is your imagination!

Here are some example Mobzones from The Ancient World.


The Spider Tower
Once a Faction base, now a ruin crawling with spiders. How is it distinguished as a spider mob zone? Simple – The inside is covered with spider webbing and spider funnels!


One of the first mob zones on Dagon Fel. Necropolis was full of zombies! Most likely rotten and bloated from the flooded waters.


Terth’s Shrine
Located on Terth Valhalla, this mob zone spawned skeleton mobs due to it’s high elevation (Skeletons are common in towers or other mobzones which have high elevation)

Shaurekoth Durn Mobzones

Take a look at some of the Mobzones already on Shaurekoth Durn. Durn is a dark land that has not seen daylight in centuries.. maybe never, being that it is the birthplace of evil. The continent is dotted with old forts & ruins, likely inhabited by the most dedicated crusaders who were set on fighting evil at it’s source.


The Twin Towers
An old Crusader fort which fell to darkness centuries ago. It is populated by Undead Crusaders.


The Warlock’s Lair
Once inhabited by a powerful magic user, now a ruin and a mobzone for witches. Take care not to fall through the cracks in the floor, as you may fall into a horde of zombies.


The Undiluted Eye
A strange and otherworldly corruption takes hold of the inside of this old fort. (Enderman, Endermites, Ender Eyes Mobs)

That’s all folks!
We hope that gives you a good sense of what a good Mobzones entails, and we hope to see you in the building area this Saturday and throughout next week!

Terth’s Attempt on Trimordia

A super rift emerged on Orrostar last night in the region of Shady Sands. The thick tendrils grew far and wide with the appearance of multiple rift hearts

(Rift hearts are made up of obsidian, not to be confused with rift “cores”, which are generally made up of weaker mobspawners)


The fight on the ground was intense, many fighters perished.

The rifts quickly grew in power from these deaths, which was when Terth set his sights upon the great mountain nearby.


The tendrils grew strong and fast, and quickly scaled the mountain with such force that it punched deep holes into the mountain in an attempt to consume it all.

It wasn’t long before the rift had grew so large that it reached the summit of the mountain, which is where the final battle took place.


With the rift defeated, and Terth beaten back, The mortals won this day.


TAW Server Meeting 3rd February 2018

Today a server meeting was held on TAW. Many topics were discussed, including the announcement of Shaurekoth Durn, a new land set for release sometime in March. More announcements and information soon!

Shaurekoth Durn


When Oak’s Rest was devastated by Terth’s chaos, many heroes remained to fortify the remains into Fort Oak as a last line of defence against Terth’s rain of corruption.

but their mortal lives would not last..

Shaurekoth Durn introduces a brand new continent full of mysteries and stories to discover. A new land to build and survive on. More information to come soon!