The Storm Draws Back! Terth’s Power Depleted, Age of Rifts is over.


The Riftstorm over The Ancient World has finally drawn back after the great Mortal Heroes of the realm fought back Terth’s forces tooth and nail, forcing Terth to be purged from the world once again.


The battle against the Doomsday Rift continued last night when a large meteor struck near the Fontaine Castle. The Rift that emerged here was eventually defeated, resulting in the final Doomsday heart to become vulnerable. The heart was in a very dangerous position and was guarded by an Elder Guardian.


Shortly after destroying the final heart, a gate appeared which opened a portal into one of Terth’s places of power. It was here where the strongest Mortals faced an avatar of Terth!


Terth’s avatar was defeated, resulting in Terth’s power diminishing from The Ancient World and ending this Age of Rifts. The mortals can once again bask in the glory of victory.


What does this mean now for TAW?

Having now completed this timeline, next month we will be following the alternative timeline on Shaurekoth Durn.


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