Doomsday Rift Battle

Last night on The Ancient World a large battle occurred between Mortal Heroes & Terth’s Rifts, resulting in the Doomsday Rift becoming significantly weaker.

Doomsday Rift outside Fort Eden.


The Doomsday Rift outside the Eden Fort is responsible for many of the other Rifts occurring around the world and also the darkness in the sky. It’s hearts are made of Bedrock, which proves to be unbreakable without weakening them first.

To do this the Mortals struck at the hearts of other Rifts around the world in an effort to make the Doomsday Rift vulnerable for long enough to get at the bedrock hearts. After over 4 hours of constant fighting, It was largely successful with 3 out of 4 hearts destroyed on the Doomsday Rift.

Halycon Rift – Bal Fel


This Rift emerged from the water outside the old Halycon base. The battle here was fierce, with Mortals fighting against a powerful Witch and an Elder Guardian.

Izendorth Rift – Shady Sands 



The Izendorth Rift grew in size but was eventually defeated. But not before Izendorth was consumed completely.

When these Rifts were defeated, it opened up an opportunity for the Mortals to attack the hearts on the Doomsday Rift)
(The hearts turned from Bedrock into Obsidian, then finally mobspawners)

The Doomsday Rift became significantly weaker
After Mortals destroyed 3/4 of it’s hearts