Set Sail from Port Orange!

In an effort to reconnect the Ancient Portal Network and to bring some semblance of peace during the recent chaos, spawn has been moved to Port Orange and all portal services have been fully restored.

Port Orange Ship Services are now fully functional


Boat locations include:

  • Arch Fel
  • Euloria
  • Terth Valhalla
  • Dagon Fel
  • Old Mainland
  • Orrostar & The New Lands
  • Port Indigo

Portal Room Activated


The old portal room has been completely re-activated and provides quick transportation to historical sites, wilderness areas (for settlement), and to current events (Fort Oak as example)

Portal Locations Include:

  • Fort Oak (Formerly Oak’s Rest)
  • The Lifegrove (Orrostar)
  • Blue Peaks (Beastmasters)
  • Mesa Wilderness (New Lands)
  • Desert Wilderness (New Lands)
  • Wilderness Island 1 (Roofed Forest)
  • Wilderness Island 2 (Mushroom)
  • Molten Valley (Historic)
  • Baulkham Hills (Historic)
  • Old Ironheart (Historic)
  • Barossa Valley (Historic)

The Grand Bank 


The Grand Bank of Port Orange has been reserved by the server admin & staff to one day be our admin building & server shop. But it is currently closed due to the Rifts.

Create a Mobzone – Server Event!

Join us on the server tonight at 5pm EST (2pm PST) for our “Create a Mobzone” competition, where you’ll gain access to creative mode & a creative map to go wild with imagination, and contribute to the future of The Ancient World!

Event Portal is at Spawn.