Terth’s Attempt on Trimordia

A super rift emerged on Orrostar last night in the region of Shady Sands. The thick tendrils grew far and wide with the appearance of multiple rift hearts

(Rift hearts are made up of obsidian, not to be confused with rift “cores”, which are generally made up of weaker mobspawners)


The fight on the ground was intense, many fighters perished.

The rifts quickly grew in power from these deaths, which was when Terth set his sights upon the great mountain nearby.


The tendrils grew strong and fast, and quickly scaled the mountain with such force that it punched deep holes into the mountain in an attempt to consume it all.

It wasn’t long before the rift had grew so large that it reached the summit of the mountain, which is where the final battle took place.


With the rift defeated, and Terth beaten back, The mortals won this day.