Recent Rifts

Close to half a dozen rifts have struck The Ancient World over the last few weeks! The most recent of which hit CK Brewery near Oak’s Rest, and a larger, more destructive rift decimated a Faction base on the old mainland.

There is much speculation over the cause of the rifts. Theories include the rise of the Terthian cult and worship, The rise of the Goddess of Death and the Fall of Cataxa, and the recent war’s that have escalated between mortals of the realm.

In any case, these Rifts have been threatening the Ancient realm once again and each and every Rift requires swift action from every hero on the realm, and for mortals to band together against this common and great threat.

Remains of a Rift that began consumption of CK Brewery near Oak’s Rest. This Rift was dealt with before it was able to grow in power and become larger.


A very destructive Rift near the ruins of another Rift, which also managed to consume an abandoned fort.


Rift which died at the doorstep of a faction mountain base.


Many more screenshots of these Rifts can be found in the screenshots channel on our Discord.