Fort Oak – Age of Rifts 2

Destruction of Oak’s Rest + The Reopening of an Ancient Land!

Destruction of Oak’s Rest!

Last night on The Ancient World realm, a very powerful rift emerged outside Oak’s Rest and evolved into a Super Rift like the prophecy predicted. Hell rained down on the landscape, turning much of the village to ash.

(Many more screenshots in the Discord channel)


With the destruction of Oak’s Rest, many mortals have fled to the hills. There have been promises of golden lands and safe haven’s which are hidden away and protected from Terth’s destruction. It is this faith that keeps the Mortals going strong, despite this heavy loss.

Reopening of Nautilus Taber.

Nautilus Taber is one of the oldest and most Ancient lands in The Ancient World. The village of Witherstone and The Town of Netherstone are particularly historic & Ancient, and date back to times way before even the first recorded age!

Nautilus Taber






A letter to all Mortals, from the Ancient Eulorian people.

We Ancient Eulorians are truly very sorry for your losses on the mainland, and the loss of the beautiful Oak’s Rest. This continent, Nautilus Taber, is very Ancient & has been preserved for many years. We welcome all to come join us here in the village of Witherstone, or the town of Netherstone. Our wool shop will also return soon. 

If you decide to explore, there are various sights to see, as well as dangerous mob zones to fight for loot and XP. 

Be safe, Remain Strong, And keep the Faith!

Lignumn, Eulorian Wool Merchant & Founder of Oak’s Rest.

To Reach Nautilus Taber, take the Airship at Oak’s Rest.


Recent Rifts

Close to half a dozen rifts have struck The Ancient World over the last few weeks! The most recent of which hit CK Brewery near Oak’s Rest, and a larger, more destructive rift decimated a Faction base on the old mainland.

There is much speculation over the cause of the rifts. Theories include the rise of the Terthian cult and worship, The rise of the Goddess of Death and the Fall of Cataxa, and the recent war’s that have escalated between mortals of the realm.

In any case, these Rifts have been threatening the Ancient realm once again and each and every Rift requires swift action from every hero on the realm, and for mortals to band together against this common and great threat.

Remains of a Rift that began consumption of CK Brewery near Oak’s Rest. This Rift was dealt with before it was able to grow in power and become larger.


A very destructive Rift near the ruins of another Rift, which also managed to consume an abandoned fort.


Rift which died at the doorstep of a faction mountain base.


Many more screenshots of these Rifts can be found in the screenshots channel on our Discord.

January Updates- Votes, Rifts, Winter Games, and Reminders


Voting Rewards

Vote 4

Vote GUI: Gives additional vote info

Players have been asking for new voting rewards. In addition to new rewards, the vote system is getting an overhaul. To get the voting site links, type the command /vote in game, or /vote gui to bring up all your options. Click on the urls in the chat when they come up, and follow the website promps. You can vote on the six sites once per day. Please make sure to put your in game name as its written so as to get credit for your votes. Each vote helps the server with exposure, and now there’s some nice Vote 1perks for doing so!

Now players will be rewarded instantly for each site they vote on with 100 quartz each, and an additional 50 quartz if they vote on all six sites per day. Players can also earn streak rewards for voting 7 days, 14 days, and 2 months in a row! A new Party Vote system hasVote 2 also been put into place, where when the server hits a threshold amount of votes, those who voted get extra bonuses. Check that out with the command /vote party.


New Items include:

Vote 5

Use the command /vote shop or /vote gui

-2 pts: Diamond
– 8 pts: 64 Bottles of Enchanting
-10 pts: Hardened Diamond Sword (Unbreaking I, Sharpness V)
-20 pts: Mending Enchant Book
-25 pts: Ender Chest
-25 pts: Iron Horse Armor
-30 pts: Gold Horse Armor
-35 pts: Diamond Horse Armor
-80 pts: Dragons Breath
-90 pts: Enchanted Apple (Purple ‘God’ Apple)
-100 pts: Shulker Box

Please note: This is not the end to the vote shop update. Players can continue to make suggestions, and we’ll be monitoring how well the streaks and party votes are going. Continued updates will be posted in the discord as they happen.


Winter Games

Saturday January 13th at 4pm EST players are invited to play a couple rounds of Spleef and Bumper Ice Boating. Everyone who shows up will be rewarded with a brew recipe, as well as the chance to win additional recipes and quartz.

For those new to Spleef, its a strategic competitive game where you must dig out the blocks from under your foes. Every player for themselves; last player standing wins!
Bumper Ice Boating is a race using row boats on ice. Hone your driving skills to navigate the course, but beware of obsticals. If your boat breaks, you’re out for the count.


A fight has been occurring outside the mortal realm; Terth and the Undead Goddess continue to strangle the life from Cataxa, the Forge Mistress. Echoes of their clashes can be felt pulsing across the land. Turmoil and chaos are spreading, consuming any life it comes across. Cataxa’s Stronghold is falling. She’s too weak to fortify her barrier. Her time is near…

There have been a string of Rifts in the past few weeks. Terth has been growing in powerRift A the past few months with his Dark Moons bringing Terthian mobs to fortify encampments in Blue Peaks, and nether breaches in the snow leading ways into the Terthian Dungeons. More recently, Terth has found a way into the Stronghold that housed  Cataxa’s source, and has been feeding off it, corrupting it. Terth was able to absorb enough power to open a rift inside the Stronghold just before Christmas. Mortals fought bravely to stave the attack,  but the damage was done. Cataxa has been left wounded and unable to fortify protection around  her Stronghold.

Rift 1Terth then summoned a rift east of Oak’s Rest. Mortals were quick to tackle it for fear of it consuming their peaceful spawn village. But a heretic invoked a ritual to summon a rift outside of the Freelancers’ Keep. Terth, alongside the Undead Goddess, let loose a massive horde inflicting damage to the keep and its’ inhabitants.

Meteor 1In the following days, The Ancient World saw several meteors strike the surface. Two were found by mortals, and were scavenged for other-worldly items. Meteor 2



Two more rifts approached Oak’s Rest. Mortals have done a decent job staying vigilant in these trying times. Mortals must remember to ban together to take out the rift cores as quickly as possible, for Terth feeds off chaos.

Rift 2

What will come next for Mortals and Oak’s Rest? No one can say for sure. But staying vigil is the key.



The server tutorial will be getting an update as well. Old information will be removed with new info substituted, as well as giving new players a hands-on experience by walking through a mini-dungeon/rift. The mobs will be heavily scaled down to accommodate, and while veteran players are encouraged to help new players, we do ask that you let them experience the battles. We are hoping to encourage new players to stick around by showing them some of what TAW has to offer. A small update will be posted in the discord when that is up and running.


Reminders from Drakortha

Port Orange Portal

Drak has made a new portal to Port Orange, and can be accessed by going to /spawn.

New Port Orange Portal

More portals will be added to the portal hub under the Admin Building once it gets spruced up a little bit.



Drak has added new links to the blog post. Please explore the forums to bump threads or post your own. Looking to get some light on the server to help bring in new players. Post about your time on the server, events you have participated in, and/or your faction.  Screenshot always help. Please be respectful of forum rules when posting. Use the wiki to brush up on the server lore. Also check out Draks’ wallpapers in the downloads tab.


Drak would also like to remind everyone that the server haven’t quite reached its’ goal yet. If you’re able to help out, please do so by visiting the Fundraiser Page . It would be greatly appreciated for any help.



TL:DR– Voting has been updated. New tutorial incoming. Winter Event this Sat. Jan. 13@4pm EST. New portals coming to the Admin Building. New Port Orange portal at spawn. More Rifts might be in store. New links on the blog. Donations for the server greatly appreciated!


January 6th 2018 Server Meeting


Our first server Meeting of 2018! Discussed were upcoming Minecraft versions, Server Donations, Blue Peak Expansion, Vote shop overhaul, and much more! I apologize for my low mic volume 😦

Meeting officially begins at 2:40