2 Meteors in 2 Days!

The last 2 days have seen 2 severe meteor strikes on The Ancient World! Images are below of the carnage and events which followed.


Rare artifacts & items were found all around the Impact Zones, and even inside the Meteors themselves.




Happy Holidays!

First off, we’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and new year!

Stronghold and Dungeons

The Stronghold is now open 24/7 for player to venture through. Although some loot wasDMC Loot.png replaced, there is still quite a bit of dungeon and untouched loot left to explore. There have also been some new areas added today. There is one location that is being guarded by some angry Villagers. Maybe players can do something to win over their favor and let them pass into their portal?

Reminder to players that the Stronghold Dungeon is Diamond armor allowed, but the Terthian Dungeons and Blue Peaks still requires Leather armor.

The Secret Stash Trader is now accepting Boss Tokens to trade in for artifacts! Make sure to hold onto all the Dungeon ‘Junk’ items, as they can be traded in for enchanting bottles, quartz, or with enough of them, and artifact! Some players are collecting and might be willing to trade these items as well. Stop by the Secret Stash to trade or ask in global chat.

New Year means New Things

The New Year is almost here! 2018 will bring in the new Aquatic Update (1.14) to Minecraft in the spring. But until the patch, we hope to have several events in store for The Ancient World. We will keep updating as the time comes, but players can expect some Challenges, Dungeons, Scavenger Hunts, and more. The Jobs Shop and Voting Reward Shops will get a work over for player get some neat items to help them out in their ventures.

Make sure to check out the updated Server Map to see some new tags and locations.

Drakortha will be standing by the tree the day before xmas; come over and wish merry xmas or happy holidays for a free gift!

Drak 2017-12-23_11.28.06.png

Seasons Greetings!


Hello everyone!

2017 has been a rather eventful year for TAW. We hope you have a happy holiday and enjoy the updated map and more! Read on to discover the new stuff 🙂



The Age of Exploration Returns

Back in 2014  the server had a version 1.7.2 re-opening. During this brief time there were new continents and gameplay, including a new story. Due to world map circumstances, these continents were lost. But now they have returned!

To reach these historic locations you can take a new boat which has docked at Port Orange. This will take you to Port Indigo where you will find additional boats which can take you to either of the continents Mugun Dutse and Duramu Nara.

new boat

Happy Holidays at Oaks Rest!