Event Continuations/Expansions and Other Updates

Hey everyone! It’s been almost two weeks since the Dark Moon event, and we wanted to give an update on current events and what’s to come.


Currently Ongoing Event

Blue Peaks is still within Terths’ icy grasp. Leather armor and heat sources are required to survive. Beastmasters Abode and safe havens along the way are still available for players to warm up and reequip. There are still several look-out towers, camps, and strongholds filled with Terthian mobs. Remember that they are a good source of enchanted leather armor to help combat the cold and minions.

Most of the chests have been looted for a second round, but some will be resupplied terth hunt 4again within the week for the persistent loot hunters. There are still a few rare artifacts yet to be found; make sure to be checking every nook and cranny within those dungeons! Although most things hide in plain sight. Some items that were lost to the void may find their way back into the dungeon.


Two of the dungeon bosses, have yet to be defeated, one being the final Witch boss. Get a group together and take her on to claim her prize! The dungeon paths will also be having their barricades removed; allowing players to move freely from path to path regardless of which entrance was entered. No need to ender pearl over gates! But be aware that sprinting through the paths will only make it harder as mobs follow and collect in large groups.

terth hunt junkThe current dungeons will also be getting a new location added: The Secret Stash. This location will have to be found within the dungeon, but will provide a safe space free of monsters. It will also have workstations to craft and repair gear if needed, as well as having access to an ender chest to help players stash away gained loot.

At the Secret Stash, players will be able to trade in all the junk items that have been collecting in your inventories. The Trader will allow players to trade in for quartz and/or experience. Providing a larger quantity of an item may allow the purchase of unique artifact. Boss tokens will eventually be tradeable at the merchant as well. More info will be provided in the discord in the following days.


New Event This Weekend

Terth’s minions numbers continue to grow, as does his powers with each death. The accumulation of chaos has awakened and attracted the attention of some interesting entities. It is unknown yet which side they fight for. Pray that they take pity on the Mortal race and help intervene.

This weekend, we’d like to launch a new set of dungeons for players to explore. Taking into account players feedback, some tweaks and adjustments have been taken to heart as the new set of dungeons were created. Some mobs spawns were adjusted, while others have been looked at and reworked to better suit the play-style. The new set of dungeons will be less hallway cramped, and more open for ease of movement while traveling in groups. A reminder that friendly fire is still possible.

With these new dungeons come new rewarding loots and mobs! Make sure to keep an eye out for a monsters mechanics, and take things slow! If you run over eight traps at once, you’re going to have a bad time. We also wanted to let the players know that the new dungeons will allow the use of diamond gear, while the old dungeons will remain leather only. The new dungeons will have very distinct entrances/portals, so players should not get the two mixed up.

We’d like to start the event Saturday December 2nd at 4pm EST, but it will remain open as the previous ones were for the weeks to come. So if you can’t make if for the initial start, there are still opportunities to get in there. Again, we’ll have players start at Beastmasters for some Stash Bat Smash before sending them out. Sneak peak pic below!


Upcoming Events for December

Double Experience weekends are still ongoing. Make sure to take advantage of them to level up faster. The Jobs Shop items are still being worked on and are planned to be available by the end of December. We also wanted to look into rewarding those at the top of the leader boards, for each individual job and overall at the end of each month. More discussion will take place, and information will be updated in the weeks to come.

Some Winters Day challenges will be coming closer to Christmas. They will be fun minigames to earn new brew recipes along with some other useful items. (It won’t be as challenging as Hall of Amnesia). More info will come later on when and where those events will take place.

Map Location Tags

Just a reminder, the serer map will be rendered December 15th. If you wish to have you location named, please post the name and coordinates in the Map-Labels chat tab in the discord. You can click here to see the current Server Map.


TL:DR -Sat Dec 2 @ 4pm EST new dungeon. More events are planed for December, info to come. Put map coordinates/labels into discord for server map.