Dark Moon Announcement

The Shadow Tome has been sought and fought over for years. Although written in the language of the Gods, Mortals in their petty fashion attempt to hold claim over it believing it will grant them protection or favors. Little did they know its true powers. Mortals witnessed what Terth was capable of when Ironheart was demolished the first time the Tome surfaced, then again with the first Dark Moon.

In more recent years, a group of mages have dedicated themselves to understanding Terth and his ways. Finding artifacts from across the globe, they collected them unto one location. and founded a small college. There, old scriptures and artifacts were tested and dissected in efforts to create ways of both controlling and destroying Terth, but the power was overwhelming and began to corrupt the mages. Cultists, Heretics, Fanatics, and Acolytes began to spread throughout the lands.

Terth has not been hiding in retreat in Blue Peaks as the Mortals have believed. He has been growing in power, with each new minion under his control, every death in his name, and now, he is ready to set the world in permanent darkness and chill once again. It is up to all the Mortal races to work together to extinguish Terth’s blight, or suffer the consequences.


The Ancient World is happy to announce another Dark Moon event, scheduled for November 18th, 2017. We would like to have everyone meet in Oak’s Rest around 4pm EST, and enter Blue Peaks together.



Blue Peaks has been closed to the players for the past two weeks as staff have prepared the landscape for this event. Players can expect new locations to discover, including entrances to dungeons, strongholds, and corrupted lands. With these location, new mobsItem 1 and challenges can be expected, as well as a variety of loot and artifacts! The degree of difficulty has been stepped up to make it more challenging, but the risks will be worth the rewards.



While exploring Blue Peaks, players will have the added dangers of the environment to worry about. Cold damage will set in and kill if not protected properly from it. Leather Armor and standing beside flame sources will stave the frostbite. There are several safe havens and torch beacons throughout the land to aid the players along the way.


Some Rules to keep in mind:

-Digging will not be required to access any content throughout Blue Peaks. Every chest has a valid pathway to it. Most areas will be world-guarded, but for some of the lesser and ‘secret’ location, digging straight down to the chest is not allowed. We discourage digging up the landscape, as the staff have put many hours into making/fixing it. There will be caches of building materials within certain locations (such as nether and prismarine).

-Certain enchantments (Frostwalkers and Springs) will be disallowed during the events as they are counterproductive and will limit other players abilities to participate in event locations.

-There is a build in the middle of Blue Peaks, claimed by Choir. It is unrelated to the event and we would ask that players leave the area alone. There is nothing hidden in or around related to the event.

-Reminder of the 24 hour Over-Claim rule. It will be in effect Nov. 18. Factions will not be allowed to claim over other factions lands due to power loss. Any player/faction caught doing so will be dealt with severely.

**We would like to note that at the server meeting, it was said that claiming land in Blue Peaks was acceptable, but upon further discussion on the topic, it has been ruled that claiming land will be disallowed. We want everyone to have fair advantages, whether in a small or large factions, allies or solo. We also wanted to discourage players taking advantage of the 24-hour over-claim event protection by making smaller factions and regrouping after the fact. Blue Peaks Portal will be the start location, and Beastmasters Abode will be available to rest up and restock should a player die in their adventure.

Players will be monitored throughout the events to make sure everyone is playing fair. Anyone caught breaking or bending rules will be dealt with case by case, and can result in exclusion of future events, temp bans, and permanent bans. That said, please have fun, and we hope everyone enjoys the event!


November 11th Server Meeting

For anyone who missed the server meeting, a link here will be provided. Please note that the information provided in this post is the most up to date and current regarding the Dark Moon event.